Sainz kart CS55

Another otk chassis, I do like it actually. Reminds me a bit of CRG :smile:

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yeah, if I didn’t have my glasses I could have confused it with a CRG

How do I spell ugly in 20 charzzzzzz?


The real question is, what colour will it be in 2025?

A buddy of mine has owned Tony Kart, EOS, Exprit, Kosmic, Fernando Alonso, and Lando chassis. I sent him this link and told him he needed to add this one to the collection.

I like the texture bit

The color scheme looks even closer to Maranello Kart.

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I’ll give OTK credit, they’ll paint em, sell em, change colors, and sell some more.


We may as well have a KartPulse chassis that’s just OTK green at this point :laughing:

Anyone know what the value add for the customer is? Access to Carlos?

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As far as I know the LN is more expensive than a Tony Kart for some reason in Kartshop while my local OTK dealer sells it at the same price as a Tony Kart

With the FA Kart you definitely didn’t get access to Alonso. Mostly I think it’s just a fun thing for Carlos fans to say they drive his kart.

I think most pros with their own kart are pretty hands off. Danny Ric spends some time playing with his karts I know.

Most of these guys are so far removed from karting as a discipline they likely have very little specific knowledge on karting.

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Doesn’t Alonso has a kart team or is that a different entity?

Alonso used to have the FA Kart with OTK but then switched it to Breda/Kart Republic which I believe he has his own team on his karts.

It seemed like one of the few guys with their own kart line that was active and somewhat hands on was Will Power. Maybe he wasnt a big enough name to make it work?

That Hamilton to Ferrari bombshell really caught everyone off-guard. The Sainz kart livery is reminiscent of the Formula 1 team Carlos will now soon be leaving.

I heard Will stopped doing his own kart and started running with RPG in his outings because building the brand was a lot of work and he just wanted to hit the “easy button” and run OTK.

Wow are they finally doing all black plastics! And a murdered out frame. Nice!

Also they ditched their own OTK nose for the KG on an official kart?


I didn’t even think of black OTK bodywork! If that’s true it’s worth dealing with another stupid OTK brand.

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First thing I noticed as well was the KG nose…

I’ve been hoping OTK would put out some black bodywork! That’s the best thing about this kart


I think they had black for the Gillard but could be wrong. They have had the black Nassau panels for at least a year.