Saw this on Facebook LO206 Cam Twisting

Since I am totally new to karting, I was wondering, is this really a thing? Do the engine builders really do this, and it is just kind of a secret thing?

This stuff comes up about every 3-4 years. It is very detrimental to the sport and is always driven by some frustrated individual.

Here’s the truth. Are some people doing this? Yes, absolutely. How many? Less than 1% of karters/builders (maybe way less).

Here’s where it gets fun:

Is it successful? No. In every instance of cam twisting I have seen, the individual made the engine worse OR caused a camshaft failure.

The guy’s complaining about getting beat off the corner are the same guys with no roll speed on corner exit.

It snake oil. Get an engine builder you trust and go have fun!


It’s not a secret perse, it’s been a thing for nearly all 4cycle OHV engines in karting since inception.

The question is how much of a difference it makes and you’ll notice this information was missing from the post in any kind of empirical form. Just the usual barstool\paddock talk.

Thing about the 206 is that it was borne out of what they learned from the fatheads in terms of what the open market would do to engines. The 206 intentionally designed to address those kind of things. That doesn’t mean those things can’t be done, it means the package is designed in such a way that those changes have limited utility. The carb size and RPM limit for example were chosen for very specific reasons… to limit the effect that the old tricks might have.

I’ve never felt underpowered against anyone with my 100% legal stuff that I don’t maintain well. :man_shrugging:t2:


Can vouch for Burpos lack of maintenance


Before the post got deleted, on one of the 8-10 he posted on, I mentioned that if you’re getting beat center off and down the straight, it’s most likely a poorly tuned chassis vs a cheater twisted cam engine.

A good tuned chassis can look like it’s got double the power you do if you’re bound up and the kart wont work.


Absolutely. There are days when I get absolutely annihilated from t1 to t2 at Whiteland… Come in, make a chassis tweak, all good.

This was kind of what I was thinking and hoping. I have yet to turn a wheel in a kart, but I’ve been racing for quite a while, and I have heard stuff like this before, but it always from people that park mid corner, then get pulled on the straight.
Glad this isn’t a thing. I had visions of spec miata, and having to buy 50 engines to get one that works the best, and then have to drop a bunch of money to get it up to a national level motor.

Thanks for the replies all.

So what’s supposed to be the “gain” of twisting?

Depends on what you are trying to accomplish. But in most simple terms, you are changing the timing of the valves by moving the cam lobes compared to piston location.

Now my brain hurts. Im just gonna stick to my turbo encabulator.


I was always under the assumption that this doesn’t actually add power anyway, just changes what RPM the peak power is made.

That statement is true generically. But sometimes when you move the power, the curve gets bigger too. I’m not sure if that is the case with the 206 as it is illegal and not on our “things to try list” :slight_smile:

Derek, is there a way to move the torque curve of an engine? I am wondering if valve lash does that.

Yes, we use valve lash to do that for sure. Just remember, valve lash effects “lift” at the valve as well. Like everything in karting, its a balance.

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And I am guessing this is why the rule is written the way it is?

Any time cam duration is checked feeler gauges should be added to create 0 lash to get a true lift value

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Can somebody explain exactly what is supposedly going on here.I am in UK .We don’t have LO 206 but we do have Honda GX 160s.The engines are unsealed. It is legit and normal to turn the gear on the crank to optimise camshaft timing and the scrutineers have a 3 piece jig which supposedly rules out modified camshafts. Is it the case that in LO 206 people are allegedly literally twisting the metal of the cam between the 2 lobes to alter the relative position of the lobe centre lines and doing it with the seals in place? Now I can see how in theory you might do this. Head off.Plate with rod engaging with inlet tappet bolted on to stop cam turning, then turn engine forcefully in right direction and cam twists in right place.? Okay in theory but does it work and is that what is going on?

I think that is basically the gist of it. The real debate is whether or not this actually happens.

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I wouldn’t be suprised if some people do it but it doesn’t seem to be a huge gamechanger. The bigger lo206 series tech this and if it was as big a deal as some are saying I think something woudve been done about it by now. Many of the best 206 drivers in the country said they don’t believe in it/do it. Take that with a grain of salt but it also seems like the people starting these rumors aren’t the most well respected people (just going off the Facebook comments) :person_shrugging: