Seat mounting

Do’s and Don’ts
What Do you use for hardware? Washers (plastic or metal, fender or small, etc) best way to bend mounts? Positioning? Best way to do it alone and get it right? Mounting for sprint vs road? Just want to hear what people do, thought We might all be able to learn something new?

Hey @Racer_Rick12! Do you have a specific situation\chassis you want to talk about?

Whatever I have to hand if I’m honest. I do like anodized alum conical washers though. Exception being for mounting of lead weight, for that you want a good spread of area so it doesn’t pull through the seat.

Tough one. I’ve seen it done a bunch of different ways including bending the A portion with an axle then using a crescent wrench to square off the tabs.

Leave as is, maybe work to get your head out of the wind a bit, but otherwise just leave it the same.

The best thing is to find a solid reference from someone who’s a similar build and weight and running similar tires to you. Next best thing is to go with the chassis manufacturers’ starting point.

Here’s a couple of topic worth delving into on Seats:

For manufacturer specs on seat position, you might find something here:

Great reply James!
I wasn’t looking for a specific kart or seat. I just bought a new kart and sold my old kart so I have mounted two seats in two karts in the past seven days. I always mount them per the chassis specs which seems to work for me. It just always seems to take me a LONG time because I’m a perfectionist and I always wonder how everyone else does it and if it takes them as long as it takes me??

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It is a royal PITA fitting them sometimes. Usually what I do is put a sheet of wood under the frame to support the seat and throw something in the base of the seat to hold it in position.

If I need to get the seat below the rails then I’ll sit some sprockets under the frame to lift it up off the sheet of week.

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Couple videos:

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Can anyone help me out lol. This is my first time mounting a new seat, my previous one was way to big for me. I have basically centered it with the fuel tank but the seat mounts are pretty far away. Do I just bend them? Or do I need to use rubber grommets to fill the large gap? Thank you! 20190122_204720 20190122_204540 20190122_204531

Also the right side of the seat Is hitting the middle of the right seat mount as you can see in the picture

Try taking a step backwards to start with and remount the old seat with all the old hardware. Clamp something like a 1x4" piece of wood to the bottom of the rails and have it run under the bottom of the seat. Now take some measurements. Start with the space between the seat and the piece of wood. Then the distance between the axle and the back of the seat. And finally the distances between the front tube of the chassis, straight back to the leading edge of the seat. Also check to see if your manufacturer has recommendations for seat placement.
The scary part since you are going to a smaller seat, will be bending the seat structs in if necessary. If you only have no more than a half inch on either side, use a large metal washer next to the seat and hard rubber mounts. More than that, I’d bend the seat strut.

Thank you tony! I have the measurements from margay, looks like I’m going to have to bend the left seat strut