Seat selection due to a problem in the rear ribs

Hello, I have a very big problem with pain in the back of the ribs and only in one rib I have tillet t11 and wildkart seat

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Here pain !!

What rib protector are you using?

Bengio carbon and omp k style

Is there a particular issue? Pressure point?

having only one rib hurts me on each side. I tried a few protectors and a few seats. I am 183 cm tall

Have you tried a different seat maybe? Some are taller. Tillet makes a tall seat, for example.

You’re the same height as me with the same seat. How snug are you in the seat?

I have tried both thick and wide … I still have pain. the only option is to take a high seat. now my seats are 35 cm but there is a tillet model 39.5 cm

There’s a couple American brands that specialize in rib pain. Deepseat and Ribtect.

I used a Deepseat in 125tag as I broke and bruised my ribs a couple times. It comes up higher and also wraps around the torso, kind of locking you in.

This completely eliminated rib issues for me (still need rib vest).

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Very genetic answer but here goes.

Seat size is important, you should fit in the seat with little room either side of your chest, wearing your protector. One problem I found was squeezing myself into a seat too small - when I looked closely it was squeezing my rib cage, kind of preloading it, so any knocks went straight to pain because my ribs had zero wiggle room. Once I got the seat size right boom, zero issues.

Secondly if you’ve hurt your ribs, no matter what you do they’re gonna hurt for 2-3 months. Just take it easy, I had to not drive for three months to fix mine.

Agreed. It’s possible you have injured your ribs and they just need time to heal. When I tore my rib muscles badly, it was all on the backside of my rib cage as well where the pain was. Took several months to really heal up.

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How about the tillet t7, it is 4 cm taller than the other models.

not sure what to look for deep seat or high seat

Well they both are for the same problem. The tall tillet isn’t a rib seat like the Ribtect and Deepseat. But, it is taller.

Rib injuries seem to come from the top edge of the seat being accelerated into your sternum and specifically your rib cage.

By removing the “edge” of the seat from contacting your rib, instead you have the same energy being distributed over an area rather than the point where your seat edge meets the ribs.

The downside is that the taller seats, I am told, affect the handling. A kart seat is almost a piece of suspension. I did not notice any negatives but I am just a normal karter of normal ability.

I have no pain in the ribs on the sides but on the back. I don’t think I should buy a deepseat …

Nope agreed. So the back pain is not from ribs then. I see a marking on the picture. Are you indicating that it is this spot that causes pain?

That’s an unusual spot in that there is nothing there to cause the pain. Often the mounting hardware can cause bruising and pain if not flush.

Have you ruled out the possibility that you might have something subcutaneous that is interacting with the seat back? I have these oddball harder fat deposit nodule things that don’t play well with being squeezed.

Have you had an x-ray at the doctor? That would tell you right away whether this is an injury or not.

The only way to reduce pain if you are injured is to rest and let it heal.

The Bengio vest and some soft padding on the back of my seat fixed my rib issues. I don’t have a good photo of it, but I have padding all up the back of my seat:

I did an x-ray and nothing can be seen. the option is to try a higher seat. I do not have any skin problems. I feel the pain and it is only on one side of the side. I have no pain anywhere else

Were you rear ended? Curious as to how you damaged the back of your back. Usually it is the side impacts.