Seat selection due to a problem in the rear ribs

yes I jumped in several places and maybe then but this is the second time …

as I drive more than 70 80 laps and I start to have very sharp pain

the places on the left and right where it hurts are small but the pain is very strong

You are talking small pain points that appear to be mirrored left and right. That suggests to me that your seat is too small. But, it’s hard to say.

If you think about it, kart seats are sorta champagne flute shaped. They are wide/narrow/wide. It could just be that the width of the seat is good for your bottom half but the top doesn’t flare wide enough. Maybe a different brand/style.

You don’t feel pain until after 70-80 Laos? I’m thinking it’s just serrâtus muscle fatigue. Every corner the muscle in that area works on the opposite side to keep you upright, I’d try some training to beef ‘em up a bit.

Exercises that will work the serratus anterior include:

  1. push ups and reverse push ups.
  2. lean back push ups and scapular push ups.
  3. wall presses.
  4. shoulder blade protractions.
  5. plank.
  6. rhomboid pulls.
  7. oblique punching.
  8. straight arm push downs.
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I’m not saying that every time it’s after 70 80 laps … once I experience severe pain I don’t drive 3 months to pass and then from the beginning everything. I have tried 3 seats normal and deep but both are not high back.tillet t7 are seats that are quite high and I think I will try because I’m not sure the pain does not come from the blows in the upper edge of the seat

With your Bengio on and you sitting in the seat, where is the top of the seat in relation to the top of the Bengio?

if the track has more left turns, does it hurt me on the right, if it has more right turns does it hurt me on the left

And I tell you not a slight pain but a very sharp pain that hurts for 2 months after driving. The seat is not narrow, I have little space …

Seems a bit unusual and I would think that trying a different seat shape might be a start. It seems like the contour of the seat doesn’t work for you. Rear pressure points aren’t normal.

I think that while driving in the corners I move up and I’m right on the edge, so I’m thinking of buying a higher seat on the tillet

It does seem likely that a tall seat would help.

James had mentioned seat strut placement… is that something that you have ruled out?

the supports are located normally

And the supports do not line up at all with the injury?

Your friend is pointing at a spot that looks like where your body does indeed rest on a strut, sort of.

Yeah nope on the struts.

Maybe you need less upright of an angle.

will it work if i buy a high seat?

It might. Not sure but it seems you are at an impasse. There is no foreign object other than smooth seat back interacting with your pain areas.

This appears to be a “throw money at it” problem. According to your doc, it’s not physical problem. Seems like tall seat or some other variant might suit you better.

Have you sat in other karts?