Shifter Kart Practice

(Mike Stendor) #1

Can you please tell me if you have open practice for shifter karts, also do you have a open class for shifter kart modified ? I have a Honda CR250 shifter and wanted to know if you have weekday practice. Not sure what course layout you have. What size course you have for shifters. My cart is standard shifer, not super kart with body and wing. Thanks Mike

(James McMahon) #2

Hey Mike. It varies a lot by the area you’re in.
Some tracks offer an open/unlimited class and also have practice available during the week.

It depends on the facility

(Mike Stendor) #3

Hi James, thanks for the info. Who would I ask for more information about practice at Charlotte then? I live in New Jersey and it would be a full day trip to get to the track and then it would be best to stay a day or so for me so I could enjoy the use of the track. My kart is a CRG Road Rebel with a custom honda CR250 with electronic paddle shift. I normally run at OVRP Cuddebackville NY and I have also run at NJMS. Both are great tracks. Any info you can share would be helpful. Thanks again Mike

(Jim Maier) #4

Lots of shifters at GoPro. Should be fine.