Shipping Options for a Kart

Anybody have any experience shipping a Kart to potential buyers? My buyer is about 1600 miles from me. I called a few local trucking companies and they gave me ridiculous quotes of $1,500 or more to ship the machine. Sad to say, but that’s more than the value of the actual Kart. Any thoughts, suggestions, previous experience with this?


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Welcome @Brian_Chisholm, thanks for kicking off a topic for this.

Two options I know of are…

  1. Transporting it with Greyhound. Seemingly costs <$200 depending on distance.
  2. You can contact Dave Larson from the CES series, he does kart shipping too:

Oh, greyhound. Interesting, I’ve never thought of that before. Do you just call a local hub to discuss it with them?

Their website indicates it’s for packages of 100lbs or less. Do you have any other specifics on this method?

Thanks for the suggestions!

Most Fastenal stores will ship to other Fasental stores. If you have one nearby it’s worth checking.

I’ve used my local kart shop to ship a chassis. They just reused a box from a new kart.

If you can do it for under $200 I’d jump on it.


I have used uShip, (years ago) which is a competitive broker, with great results. Downside is you should not be in any hurry. Bus companies are the cheapest but I see some of their shipped stuff on the dock at stations and I would avoid suggesting that you use them.

Thanks for the suggestions. I did try UShip and I got two quotes. One for $1500 and another for $1600. I asked for a reason for the ridiculous pricing and they said the kart is twice the width of a motorcycle, inside an enclosed trailer and thus, twice as much as said motorcycle. Sounds like a scam to me…

It’s 1/3 the height though too. Did they ask for dimensions… if not, I wonder are they assuming it’s an offroad/yard style kart with a tall roll cage and massive ground clearance.

I think with Dave Larson it’s around 300ish.
Also the midwest we have a regional carrier called Speedee which do a good job and I believe will ship a kart.

Try a web search for “less than full load shipping” and see what options you find.

To transport my kart I hired a transport company service because my kart was brand new and want it to ship it safely without getting it damaged. So, on the suggestion of my friend I consulted an auto shipping California company, where the transporters had shipped my Kart to Fresno.

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The last time this subject came up the world was a fairly different place. Has anyone shipped a kart recently? I am looking to possibly sell a kart from NY to FL with no motor. Tring to determine cost and amount of work to do that. If I were to obtain a shipping box from a new kart how much is broken down? I assume the steering shaft comes out but is the axle removed too? Anything else?

Chassis box:

Wheels and hubs off. Steering shaft out. Seat out. Zip tie spindle arms to frame to keep them from flopping. Rear bumper, nerf bars, nose and nassau off.

Should be all.

Cost depends on the day you quote it and which carrier. I think our last chassis was about $400 from Cali to Indy.

If you’re shipping a kart LTL (less than truckload) on a pallet make sure the pallet length exceeds the kart length and width. (ask me how I know… :face_with_diagonal_mouth: ) R&L Carriers [ ] might be worth a look if they serve your area. They or another carrier whose name escapes me ATM do household moves and may be inclined to do what you’re looking to do.