Sim Racing 2024

Is there a general consensus on what the target FOV should be? Is the aim to be at 180? With triple 32

@tankyx would have a better idea. I think there are FOV calcs, sec.

Thanks, I’ve checked out the source of that one and FOV Calculator | Sampsoid and its interesting that they give different outputs. The core of my questions is what is trying to be achieved. you can sit 45cm away from the monitor or 200cm, assuming there is a target we are trying to get to for FOV>

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I have always ran VR so I’m out of ideas, alas.

Anyone have thoughts?

The closest the better. You want to have the center screen right behind the wheel (the rim not the base)

Oh yeah I noticed this in my rig too! I found that it was better to get the monitor as close to rim as feasible. The rim sort of covers the in-game rim on screen (from seated position).

Most gear ratios are set. In the high-level cars, you can swap gear stacks depending on the track, but it’s still pretty locked down.

I have the Heusinkveld Ultimate Plus. Kinda the gold standard others are compared to.

What do you think of the sprints as a value?

The issue I’m having is the throw on the current pedals is too long and flat. I’d like something more adjustable.
These interest me as well:

I haven’t spent too much time in my rig yet, but the first impression is very good !

Warren and Dom got invited to race in Lewis E-truck race series. Unfortunately we got lost on the way to the opening night dinner gala on his yacht.

As a kid I went to an amazing outdoor concrete skate park somewhere in the California, inland desert area. Off in the distance you could see/hear race cars. I wonder if it was Kern.

Realistically, how much I need to spend to make a worthwhile upgrade from the 3060ti?

It depends but I would aim for a 4070ti at least

Not worth bothering 3080 or 3070ti?

Not really, I don’t see the point going into last gen GPUs. You could consider AMD GPUs as well

Since this topic is kinda massive, thought it would be good to break off for the new year…


Aha… sim and fantasy racing 2024

To begin with:

Things potentially for this year,

Lower chair/replace chair

New pedals

New video card


And, I suppose I need to find the courage to leap back into public lobbies. I already made baby step of re-upping iracing.

No immediate “Hey Warren” plans although he and I have been chatting about coaching stuff.

Anyone have sim plans for the year?

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Freshly built my system and the video card is the last thing i’ve held out on… borrowed a buddies old 3070 mining card thill the nvidia market cools down till February, that being said it’s performing very well at triple 2k. Once the new Nvidia super’s come out i’ll be looking at grabbing whatever is the cheapest 16bg card which im guessing will end up being the 4070ti-super or the 4080. really depends if you want to run 4k (I don’t) but also be somewhat future proof. when I first start to spec everything out it really seemed that you needed a massive top-end card to work tripples, but been very surprised and happy with the 3070, just need to give it back at somepoint :)…

I have been running vr and that seems a bit like running triples, demand wise. I can play just fine using the 3060ti and at good framerates. I did some AI racing and the card did fine in a field of 20 or so.

It would be nice to see what iracing with graphics turned up looks like though.

I simmed last night and tried to drive Laguna Seca and also the f3. I really do prefer the oval stuff. The braking in iracing is just so numb.

iGuess what the front end is doing
ibrake and it feels numb

I mean they tell you up front: we don’t give you slip data.

Is there another sim that maybe doesn’t have its feel gutted by anti-cheat?

A year of surprising growth:

Basically, Supercharged resulted in 20x growth in views.

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ibrake :rofl: Roger that on the ibrake feel, but I get quite good feel from the front end. For sure I can differentiate:

  • Insufficient slip caused by insufficient speed/energy (i.e. go faster you putz)
  • Optimum slip resulting from a proper balance of speed/energy, work requested from the tire and load provided to the tire (i.e. beauty, waytogo)
  • Excessive slip caused by overloading the tire (i.e. too much speed = too much load on the tire for the amount of work being requested of the tire)

In general, for me, iRacing braking sucks, but the feedback related to the relationships between speed/energy, the work being requested from the tire, and the load being provided to the tire seem to makes sense from a traction/slip angle perspective.

I’m not sure about this because when looking at iRacing data in VRS or MoTeC i2, there is definitely slip angle data (and ‘trajectory’ data - front to rear slip angle data, aka over/under steer). But perhaps this is something they don’t make available real-time? But, for me I can sure ‘experience’ it through the combination of visuals and force feedback.