Sim Racing 2024

He’s a couple years older than me. I remember when I was young, I was often inspired/discouraged watching a kid about the same age as me absolutely shred as I failed grind after grind at the local skatepark…

Ryan Scheckler was a child prodigy, and one that came up via Red Bull pedigree. He skyrocketed to childhood fame within the skate industry, and had his own show on MTV in 2007-2009. He has caught some flack over the years for the cushy lifestyle that came along with his early fame, but make no mistake about him- the dude can lay down some heavy shit. I need to rewatch the LIFER part, but I remember it being good.

Here’s one of his iconic gaps, which he originally did 8 or 9 years ago:

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Aha, I bailed in 99 so he’s a bit past my time of paying attention. He’s amazing and reminds me a bit of Jamie Thomas and the gang. It has vibes of another skater from much earlier that pushed the envelope hard, got so broken, put pushed it to new limits. I can’t remember the name but I do recall a dumpster grind that hurt.

Oh jeez, flat ground landing. My knees hurt for him.

For a price… one can now roleplay being Lewis:

If anyone is in the gt car market, RENNSPORT is pretty solid and free. Physics feel decent but wheel setup isn’t intuitive at all, they have setup tips on the discord though which work pretty well.

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