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Forgot to mention I got my sim going after my office reorganization and tried out the FF1600 on iRacing for about an hour. Very fun little car to drive. I might hop into some races with that thing.

I had a blast in that car at Jerez

The Clio is a lot of fun too

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I haven’t tried any of the new cars yet, but good to hear those are nice to drive.

The Vee was fun but it’s like driving on ice so it can be a melee. The FF is easy to jump in and drive without too much trouble.

The vee is a hoot. It’s a funny car though with quirks. I recall dropping to 2nd? would cause a brief lockup.

Yeah don’t go below 3rd unless you really have to. The FF is super engaging, especially after you get a handle on the slip angle in the faster stuff.

I’m still banging away at AMP-C but I’ve gotten distracted by this new sim:

In truth, I’m distracted by the new destiny expansion, Lightfall, which, is highly enjoyable.


I want to get back into Destiny but there’s no way I can catch up with all the content releases and with how convoluted the game’s progression is now. It’s like a house that kept getting additions built-on and now is a maze.

Yes but it does not matter. The questline will get you to the appropriate light level with little effort.
Destiny is now a series of activities with weekly payouts. They have it setup such that there is “easy” version with matchmaking at lower ll or “hard” for folks that are raid geared.

It’s totally possible to jump back in and be at correct ll just by playing casually.

All of the prior content is optional and not necessary for advancement in any way.

Light fall introduces a new subclass, Strand, which is alot of fun!

My complaint with destiny is that it’s a bit like eating too much candy. It’s fun but all you do, ultimately, is chase LL and gear endlessly. It’s fun but it’s easy to try to rush and it’s ultimately pointless.

Sim racing, on the other hand, has a point and a real life reward: skill. I think you could argue that PVP is comparable but I am a causal adventurer.

The baddie shown above is a good example of new content. Really difficult to beat with challenging mechanics. You initially have a tiny hit box (its single eye) which eventually exposes its chest. However, he does a variety of powerful attacks that will flatten you if you are careless. Also, it’s attack can negate your super! Cool animation when he catches you, too! He’s not just a bullet sponge!

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I usually set one blistering lap after about 8 minutes, and can’t seem to beat it for the next hour so I quit. Rinse and repeat a few days later.

Oddly, I find that either I do the same or it takes about 100 laps. No rhyme or reason. It used to be that the tire model would allow for fast first laps but not so much now. The cold tire isn’t slippery but it has odd sidewall behavior. I do start at lowest pressure possible (6lbs) which rises to 11-12. The sidewall is happier hot.

I should try starting 8 tonight and see how tire feels 14-16lbs.

for the obsessive/compulsive person in all of us…


Patience Rewarded

I managed this pretty quickly, tonight. I just kinda let it happen. I let the kart do its thing and kinda rode it like a horse. “Just go, fast, pal, and ill make a few suggestions. We got this.” It was kind of a Stig lap in that I was definitely a bit removed from the mechanics but I was also very much in the moment, attention-wise. I wasn’t thinking about anything else but I was somehow able to let the lap happen and kinda bemusedly watch on. Hard to explain.

Anyways, its a good lap and it’s a .0X which was my bridge goal to 17.9. I was kinda expecting to land a .10 before the .0, but, I’ll take it. Next is to go get #1 with a 17.9x. This S2 + S3 would work, but I will need a better S2. I can do a fast S2, so I think this can be accomplished.

Does anyone have a motion rig?

I’m starting to really want to get an actuated rig. This video from Boosted is prettt convincing, although it’s on the very pricey end of the spectrum. In addition to motion and triple 65 monitors, they also have an ambient lighting system that changes based upon game lighting. Pretty nuts.

Looking around, it seems like there are some relatively inexpensive ones like the DOFreality units. They look a little different and somewhat spindly. It also appears that you can go the homebrew route and use a specific rig from simlab and buy the actuators. I suppose setup is a PITA though.

Anyone have any experience with motion rigs and have thotts as to where to start? @tankyx maybe. I know that @speedcraft has the 2dof rear seat bit.


At $2139 the H3 is doable. Basically like buying a roller that’s gonna last a long time.

What these look like in action:

Steam sale


I did a race!

FF1600 at Brands Hatch. Four laps of practice before we dive into racing to knock the rust off. Quali P6 after I spin on my best lap. Get 2 spots on the start, take another a lap later, then settle into P3 with 2 sec to P2. Halfway through the leader dumps it so now I’m P2 but I keep making mistakes so fall back to 2.5 behind the new leader.

Start groovin’ and nailing laps and claw back to 1.0 behind. Then he made a mistake. One to go I catch him and I’m peeking but wasn’t close enough in T2 where I was making the hay. Raced to the line for a P2 by 0.08. Not bad for basically no practice in a new car on a track I haven’t driven in forever, with a few “sodas”.

I forgot that racing is fun.


My first race in that car last week and the first time I drove Jerez I came back from a bad T1 to actually set the fastest time in my split. I enjoy that car way more than I ever did the skippy.

I was able to get a teammate who never drives week 13 to get in the FF. It seemed like he was having more fun too. I even managed to get him to do figure gr8 in the legends car. I think he giggled the entire time.

Andre just did a season of it in England. I wonder what he will make of it.

@Bimodal_Rocket I’ve got the 3dof (three axis) version from a few years ago. Overall it’s good, it definitely increases the feeling of immersion of the sim experience (go over a kerb and you ‘feel’ and see it instead of just seeing it). Also, the yaw motion is really fun (controlling the yaw orientation of the new iRacing FF with the brake and throttle is like controlling rudder pedals in a plane :joy:). I got it #1 for fun, and #2 to see if it could replace what I was missing from the sim experience, that kept me just off the pace. Sadly, it appears my brain is hard-wired for IRL driving; I just feel disconnected, or like all inputs need to be shunted through some sim-to-IRL translator which takes time and costs ‘feel’ & time).

Anyway, the core build and components of my rig are good (for the price), so I’m satisfied with that. the pedal mount and the ‘tower’ that the wheel base mounts too are a bit flimsy on my unit (especially the wheel base mount). The picture of the unit you posted above looks like they have addressed that (the wheel base mount tubing looks to be twice a large as the tubing on my rig, and they added some angled braces. If I start using my rig more, I’ll probably do a few mods to increase rigidity of the two weak areas.

Overall the best thing about the dof3 for me is it works… turn it on, jump into iRacing, and get a massage as you drive over the kerbs. :grin: Plus the software offers a lot of adjustablity for the motion experience; from distractingly strong to very subtle, and each effect is independently adjustable for strength and smoothing.

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Thanks Warren.

This one looks interesting: