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That looks cool, but kind of a bummer it does not have yaw motion (or at least it doesn’t look like it does).

Yep. For the price, it offers a bunch, tho. It seems that this is pitch,tilt, heave. Adding yaw would make it pricier still.

True, and for sure the actuator system on that system looks much nicer than the dof system, which uses rotary actuators (motor/gearbox combos), that do introduce some play into the motion system via the play required between gears in the gearboxes.

Similar American product that is very well reviewed but more expensive.

This one is about 2K more.


O-Rouge OR21 Kart Sim Cockpit

Gimme! This plus the 4 actuator set. Good lord this would be dope. This sim stuff is a sickness I fear.

King of the Hill, but still a tad wide of the mark


It’s the background music that does it for me.

Well I just wanna dance on the asphalt dance floor!

I use a service called epidemic now. It has music for content creators. I got a week ban from YouTube for listening to regular music on my stream, so I signed up and pay a monthly fee.

The vast majority of the music is instrumental, sadly, it’s got good variety, though.

The deep house, soft house, and lo-fi beats playlists are my go to. Some of the music is decidedly made for tv, but some is pretty good.

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Preach it, Lando

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On my way home to an empty house and many laps to be run. Kate and Nick are in FL looking for sun for a few days. I can dive into my laps in earnest and, with luck, make progress. Pretty stoked. Tizi responded with a 18.029. Time to get fast.

I’m thinking I’m gonna buy this:

4 actuators and hardware/software. Bolts on the aluminum rig. This looks subtle but effective.

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I pulled the trigger on ACC. Seems like too good of a deal to pass up.

Ah yes the sale. Yeah that’s the way to buy it and all the additional content.

I experienced rear traction loss in sim twice yesterday. I don’t mean a big flat slide, I mean the very subtle “there goes the rear grip” that occurs as the kart just exceeds the capability of grip. The lloaded up kart suddenly goes quiet in the rear and shifts a bit as the rear begins to come around, silently,

It’s a very weird feeling because you are sensing actual movement in the kart. Your brain is telling you that the kart is coming around and you feel it happening. Not “think” you feel it. Actually feel it, it’s very strange when your brain infers motion like that and convinces you that it happened. It feels real, no other way to put it.

I really do want to get those actuators and convert to a motion rig, I think that being able to feel the kart move even more will be a game changer. Probably won’t help me be faster but will definitely help with immersion.

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Anyone familiar with Pt-Actuators?

This is interesting hardware but I am not sure about the software etc.

These are lovely

They are not hydraulic or load cell. They are pneumatic.

A new entry from Germany

I like their seat solution. It’s nice and low.

Liftoff feels imminent

Just ran the best 100 or so laps I have, in a while. I blasted out of the gate with a fast first lap on cold tires and within 5 or so laps had landed an 18.120. I then proceeded to land at least 4 clean 18.0x, and slightly bettered my time.

I’ve sometimes referred to when the Stig steps in and drives for me, while I’m engaged mentally elsewhere. This is frequently the condition of a fastest lap, it’s kind of analogous to being in the zone. In any case, the other way to land a fast lap, is to do it so much that you can’t help but make the corners pretty.

Today, I feel like I hit that point. My understanding, ability and ability to execute is hitting that point where you have enough experience that you get out of your own way. No Stig required. Don’t get me wrong, I still choked, but I gave myself 5 chances to beat the #1 time tonight in 100 laps. I ran more .0X laps in one session than ever before. I can’t remember how many .1x’s. In short, I was on fire.

There’s always more to learn, of course, and I am far from maxxing out this track, but this is what the end game of chasing mastery feels like, to me. It all comes together and you are finally able to get out of your own way. Your physical training overpowers your driving insecurities/anxieties. While I am not there yet, tonight tells me I am very close to being able to complete this mission.

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My setup, low brow. I’ve been running the Ray FF 1600 simulation.


A carpenter and a racer!

Is that the new iRacing Formula Ford? I drove the lucas oil cars that are sort of similar so am curious. I have a pal, @AndreLafond who raced these professionally in England last year. I’d love to hear both your opinions on it. I just resubbed and desubbed from iracing, but this is making me consider reupping.