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Carpet formula?

Now this looks interesting. 1|10 scale formula chassis for some sort of rc type racing?

oil and blood

@tjkoyen heres a review:

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I played the beta a bit and enjoyed it. Hoping the small upgrades I’m making to my computer are enough to handle the game in all its glory.

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Jackie reminds us

I noticed that Nvidia released new drivers for D4 release. Update time!

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Hey Warren, let’s just go rumble instead
Searching high and low for unique and unusual motorsports has taken me down a darker path. Perhaps we should consider actual battle as our next competitive arena. It’s the ultimate zero-sum game.

Basically, I want to dress up and hit people with a halberd. Wanna join me?

I’m racing with Nick Sunday at the league race at United Karting! First time in a kart for him in over a year! I called earlier but they inform me that the insurance co denied their request to hold a kart jousting tourney, so we’ll just have to do a normal sprint race.


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I would say this looks like a Monty Python cult, but then again I don’t see any coconut shells, shrubberies, or swallows.

If I want to get in a fight, I’ll join a Skip Barber or FF 1600 race in iRacing. :rofl:

Good luck tomorrow. I bet Nick will surprise himself… by the end he’ll probably feel like he’s driving as well or better than a year ago. The programing has already been done, so random neuron firing generally follow the paths of least resistance and in so doing strengthens those paths.

So bump from behind and run? :wink:

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You know me too well.

Usually one jumps buses with a motorbike, Warren.
This radical approach speaks to me:

That’s a funny twist; how were the kids? :rofl:
I think he needs to work on his rebound damping for the back-end… the springs rebounded too fast, pitched the nose down, so he cased the landing big-time. :flushed:

That was worth losing your front axle.

On the subject of daredevils jumping stuff…, here’s an impressive amateur launch:

The race with Nick went well. It turned out that we got karts that put us more or less equal! While we started 2nd and 4th, I dropped back due to a kerfluffle and had to catch back up to Nick. We did much hustling and I was not able to get by him. Unexciting video of me chasing Nick will be posted and I can proudly watch my son be faster than me.

Revenge of the YouTubers

Jimmy and Steve team up with Misha (Nurburgring guy) to do a YouTubers race team. They will be doing a race at the ring, if I understand correctly. Presumably Misha will teach them what they need to know about the 154 turns they will have to navigate.

(Plan is to race the 24hrs. They need to get licensed first.)

I saw that video before… what a maroon! Lucky she survived.
I’m glad you guys had a good/fun race!

This happened to me at a rental track about 8 years ago. The racer in me was pissed (and looked for excuses like weight), but the Dad in me hid that and thought it was awesome.

I took him to Brainerd raceway to drive Spec Racer Fords at the school there as a high school graduation present. Old age and treachery won out there, but not by much. You couldn’t tell who was who in the cars and when I caught up to him, I felt like Butch Cassidy “Who is this guy?” I eventually got by and drove away (to catch and pass the instructor :wink:), but he was fast as hell for his first time ever in a race car, or on a full size track. Makes me wonder where he’d be if racing was his thing instead of hockey.


A good looking fellow. Why do the youths get the eyebrows like that? He would have made a fine heart throb of a racer although it’s not too late! I imagine that there’s some “chip off the old block” driving skill wise passed down to him from Dad. Hockey is almost as cool, though!

Nick put on a bunch of weight, alas, due to covid and his parents going off the deep end so I was expecting to walk him, easy. But it was not to be.

I tried initially to support him and watch for opportunities to push him, but instead I ended up getting mobbed as I tried to assist. Then I was deservedly spun trying to reclaim an apex that I had lost to Alec. The ensuing catch up Chase was really fun and Nick and I found a good groove!

I rest my case. :rofl:

Yeah I needlessly complicate all this with my brain but it’s a lot like riding a bike. You just don’t forget, exactly.

Like I took about a month off from KK and within 1 session was back at challenging sub 18 lap.

What you learn, you keep. It’s a bit like learning a new thing once, absorbing it, allowing it to re-occur, then you own it forever.

Shorts vs Normal length Vid

Wellp, if you are interested in hits, make shorts. The traffic basically quintuples.
I’m not sure theres a ton of value in the shorts but it appears to be the case that YouTube is pushing this content. @GP_00ley26 I saw that you made a couple shorts. Are you seeing the same thing? I went from around 2.5K views monthly to 11.5K with these. +23 subscribers.

Hey Warren,
I found us a racecar we can afford. It will be fun to develop, I promise!

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