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I was watching some gt cars race in Asia on YouTube last night and it reminded me of your iracing footage. There’s a very “on casters” look to turning/driving in those cars.

I’ve been very lazy on recording lately. I’m going to try and get some video out next week. I’ve been having a blast and flying in the Super Formula.

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So I went into setting to mess around.

I noticed that the preview image changes pretty dramatically in low light if you choose the “flat” lighting option.




If I mess with shutter speeds, the slowest they offer is 1/60. Think I should try forcing that? I have no idea what shutter speed the auto function is using indoors. I would have assumed it would be like 1/30 or a 1/15.

I guess the GoPros are fixed aperture and we are running max open, fisheye does the focusing basically.

Also, I discovered that the iPhone I have has hdr video and camera.

The only problem is the still photos are 36mb each.

When you get to the kart track next time see if those same adjustments make a difference. I think a fixed white balance and ISO will really help. Just hold up the GoPro and try to match what you see on the screen to your eyes. Also if you’re not afraid of some basic color grading you can put the GoPro in RAW capture mode. Similar to flat and keeps the GoPro from auto-coloring everything.

Careful on pulling down ISO too much as high ISO = better capture of fast motion.

Also, try a session without stabilization on. It’s really going to struggle in low light anyways. Your head will act like a gimbal and that indoor track is super smooth.

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Another sale item:

I have this and it’s my fave. It’s a narrow wheel. Looks like they added some dials.

Looks familiar.

Yeah. I think the width might be different though. Of all my fanatecs, the f1 one or its previous iteration are narrower, faster turning.


The 5 mm-thick carbon fibre front plate features a cutaway F1-style grip design. Aluminium and carbon fibre paddle modules offer outstanding tactile feedback. High quality synthetic suede in a stunning shade of green provides the perfect grip for the compact 270 mm wheel diameter.

25% off a dbox gen 5 system, I might buy. Still 7k euros

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Miss New York? I doubt it. I can post many pretty pics if you’d like some reminders of autumn evenings in Manhattan, midtown.

Man, I missed taking pics for realsies. I need to find something to do with all this output.


Well it’s cheaper than my wife’s Starbuck coffee, so I’ll probably pick it up for the hell of it today.

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Oooooooo. I may have to play again.

Hey @KeslerDesignWorks

I have decided that henceforth, I shall communicate about sim using only visual metaphors.

@Bimodal_Rocket and I took my first step back into the sim racing rabbit hole

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Omg I’m so jealous

But I am also very happy for you! Let us know how they feel etc

Yeah I knew I wanted to try VR again after trying a Rift, an Odyssey + and a Rift S but I wanted no compromise of visual clarity. My choice was between the Varjo and the Pimax Crystal, but the Varjo seemed to have a better build quality and it has active cooling. Also the foveated rendering should make it a lot easier to run.

Varjo Aero (left) vs Valve Index (right)

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The active cooling is its most compelling feature, imho. That’s a game changer.

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… pulse quickens… nervous twitching

Just need a wheel and I am good to simrace

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