Simplify and Add Lightness: Open K30 + '80 Swiss Hutless Build Log


(James McMahon) #41

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, that wasn’t fun” at 3:50 :+1:

Can’t wait to see what this thing is like once you get it really dialed in.


  • Move seat back?
  • Widen rear track
  • Add Gear
  • Adjust carb (Giessen it)
  • Extend\change exhaust

(Andre Molina) #42

Move seat back?
It’s pretty much on the money according to the VKA crew I hang out with.

Widen rear track
It’s maxed out!

Add Gear
NO. Next question!

Adjust carb (Giessen it)

Extend\change exhaust
I could try and see what happens… Extend for better bottom end, yeah?

(Corey Domenick) #43

It was very cool to watch this out on track. I’m looking forward to seeing the Swiss Hutless back on track, and hoping it happens before the end of the year.

(Andre Molina) #44

Thank you for the kind words, Corey. KP is a good place to hang out at, post any questions about Lo206 or overall setup and we’ll be able to guide you!

(Manny) #45

Anyone familiar with Swiss Hutless Blucat? Its identical to the attack.

Nice kart you have there by the way!

(Andre Molina) #46

Thank you, Manny! I think the BluCat doesn’t have the front torsion bar. But it is also common for Swiss Hutless to revive kart designs under different names.

UPDATES: I’ve sold the engine. Yep.

K30 engine prices started climbing drastically, usually driven by crazy unlimited all stars builds and a growing popularity in the VKA ranks. The more I drove a vintage kart, the more I’ve heard of enignes blowing up being part of the sport.

You know, the engine popped. Not a big deal, throw some $$$ at it and you’re golden. Well, this is harder to deal with when your engine is a rare motor without parts readily available, which thanks to a heated market may go for as high as $3000!

So the engine is gone, sold for a good price. And might have gone to a museum too, so it will be in a good home. Carb went back home to a dirt outlaw driver, who is very satisfied with it and will be running it with a Parilla SUDAM.

The kart is now hanging on the ceiling of my garage, I’ve nearly sold it to a guy in AUS, but we couldn’t arrange shipping that was reasonable enough.

I might never sell it, it is a really nice frame. If I ever move from my house it would be a nice garage display piece which is ready to race on demand.

One project done, on to the next one.

(James McMahon) #47

Slap a DSB on it with a 30mm slide. Get some leathers and let rip.

(Andre Molina) #48

Here we go, giving this a shot:

Too steep? Make me an offer!

(Dom Callan) #49

That is indeed cool and should put smiles on some faces.

(Andre Molina) #50

I’ve changed the listing to auction format. Hopefully that will help some, no reserve and the minimum bid is nearly what I’ve paid for the unfinished frame.

(Andre Molina) #52

Change of plans. The Swiss Hutless LIVES! :sunglasses:

Nothing normal of course. Another rare little monster, the last one in my collection, with another rare little slide carb.

Stay tuned!

(James McMahon) #53

I forgot you had that. Is it a TG?

(Andre Molina) #54

Parilla SS21, apparently.