SKUSA SuperNats 25 Official Thread

Got out of the swing of doing these as the year got away from me, but no better weekend – or week – to get back into these discussion than the biggest race in the world, right?

Thursday | Final Practice & Qualifying:
Friday | Heats 1 & 2:
Saturday | Heat 3 & LCQs:
Sunday | Main Events:


This is also the season finale of the 2022 KC Fantasy League. Enter your picks in Pro Shifter and X30 Pro Below!
:calling: KC Fantasy League Entry:

WIth the entry lists available on EKN and through the fantasy league sign ups, who do you have winning it all? X30 Senior? Pro Shifter?

Will also show a pic of the latest track build update in the next reply. Looks as though there’s already some chatter.


It would be silly to bet against Norberg in x30 and Kremer’s in shifter. But I am going to be silly and say Crews in shifter but no change on x30 - Norberg

Hodgson in X30, and KZ is so stacked hard to predict

Norberg in X30 is impossible to bet against. I’ll take Myers getting back to form in shifter.

I hope Morgato gives him some a run for his money. Hope to see a good battle

Conor Zilisch X30 (Who has been out of a kart for a bit with all the car stuff but always fast) and Kyle Wick Pro Shifter.

+1 On that! Shifter has a deep roster this year…on top of the “usual” names from US, let’s not discount Vigano, Bertuca and Trefilov, all more than capable to get the top spot

Worth noting, looks like Kremers is listed both in Shifter and X30

I had spotted that too, doubling up in KZ and X30 will be tough. Good luck to the guy


I’m gonna go out on a limb and promote the idea that Adakonis could pull it off.

So the big complaint so far is the turn 7 hairpin in the bottom left hand corner. Originally, the map had it as a straight shot into the corner. Then some safety concerns came in, but ultimately, the push from the paddock has it back to more of the original track map that had it as a near straight 180. I’ll get a picture to update shortly.

Yeah we were talking about this in our group chat. That corner made sense with that kink in the opposite direction but was pretty wonky looking running the track clockwise.

Personally I like this layout in counter-clockwise. It was fun the other way, but the blast down into the kinked T1 is a ton of fun and sets up good passing opportunities. On the other hand, the 90° corner that used to be the final corner is pretty insane going through there at max speed, especially on starts, so that was fun too.

Here’s my 5 minutes of glory the last time I gave it a serious attempt:

Does anyone else find these vegas car park tracks to be a little samey from year to year?

Somewhat, for sure.

In some cases, they find a combination of corners that work good for racing and safety and keep it. Kind of a ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mentality. But they usually try to make some modifications each year to try new things out.

Part of it also is just the canvas to paint on. Supercross tracks suffer in the same way. Same footprint, and when you’re confined to a relatively small space, you don’t want to waste too much square footage.

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As Xander said, they have a set area to work with, and with how the grid and pits have to be set up, they are confined to a limited shape for the overall layout. Then factor in what will race well, what will avoid bumps, what will be safe, and yeah they end up being similar year to year. I don’t mind it though, the layouts are generally pretty fun to drive and race.

I want this poster. In fact, I want all races to have cool posters and I want to decorate my house with them.

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Curious to Will Power running a Kosmic with RPG and not his own brand. Any insight?

He wants to win. :sweat_smile:

Joking. But curious.

The MPG guys are all on KRs not WPK. Seems like WPK is no more.

I have a 1 race 2022 WPK with grey KR tubes (the foreshadowing kart) for sale if anyone is interested. It was a AMV Kart Components team kart this year.

So is Ben Cooper and if I am not mistaken he is a BirelART dealer in Quebec.