SKUSA SuperNats 25 Official Thread

With the recently hinted partnership between MPG and Race Factory, I assume lots of changes are coming (for both). In the meantime, they keep winning. They won VLR senior last week with Chase Jones and I have to assume they’re riding high going into this weekend.

Ben runs what his customers want. Some are on BirelArt, the ones who want to win are on otk :rofl:

I’m pretty sure most of the races Race raced (:joy:) this year was on a KR but with his bodywork on it.

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Correct. Orlando it was a CRG and after that I believe it was all on a black KR.

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From what I’ve heard it sounded like Will didn’t feel he had the time to really do the WPK thing proper and so it was likely to go away. He just wants to be able to show up and race from time to time.

As far as the track goes, having just run Rok Vegas that had a fair amount of 180s I feel like this layout will be decent for single speeds and not so great for shifter racing. At Rok Vegas all the shifter basically held inside the whole time and passing was a pain.

Would have been our first supernats, but my kid had to do this :frowning:



Yowza! My condolences to your child.

That a karting related injury?

If it was a send, it was a good one. Perhaps the best ever.

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Nope. PE at school. He has had all of his worst injuries not on the track.

This further reinforces the idea that karting is safer for your kids than contact sports like football. Sort of.

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Bang on here. You’ll see MPG branded as KR this weekend with MPG team kits, similar to Trinity.

Also true.

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Really excited to see Musgrave in KA Master. I have the single speed Factory Kart, so I’m amped to see how it does with him behind the wheel at a track like this.

Ooooh that’s a big one. Hope he’s alright

Wonder what was going on here before they set this up. There’s a huge round rubbered in bit. Rest of lot is green. It’s like they held a donut rallye or something just prior.

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Google Earth would agree. I would guess donut contest from a car show or bike show judging by size.

I adjusted layout… hahaha

Id give it a go but i know theres more to it then just drawing a track lol.

Interestingly i looked at google earth and i think rok the rio from 2019 is there. Thought it was funny that all the days to take a picture from the sky, it happened to be one a kart race was on.

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Yes that was ROK the Rio, either 2019 or 2020.

Also they’ve adjusted the outside of turn 7 but the inside is still kinked I believe, I just got to the Rio and won’t see the track myself until tomorrow.

Are you behind the wrench, wheel or camera?