South Park Kart Grand Prix (Quincy, IL) 2018

Historic South Park Race (Quincy, IL) to Return in 2018.

This was an annual event at South Park for 32 years until a decline in entries caused the event to end after the 2001 competition. Grand Prix entries fell from a high of 625 for the 25th anniversary in 1994 to 130 in 2001.

The track that meanders around south park has been repaved in lieu of the 2018 event.

Class Lineup


(Saturday Sprints are entered separately from Sunday Championship events)

Yamaha Heavy 8 laps, 360 minimum weight, 10/60 suggested gear (35 chain)

Briggs 206 Heavy 8 laps, 375 minimum weight, 17/62 suggested gear (35 chain)

Margay Ignite Senior 8 laps, 360 minimum weight, 19/64 suggested gear (35 chain)


Yamaha Medium 12 laps, 340 minimum weight, 10/60 suggested gear (35 chain)

Yamaha Heavy 12 laps, 360 minimum weight, 10/60 suggested gear (35 chain)

Yamaha Masters 12 laps, 360 minimum weight, 10/60 suggested gear (35 chain)

Briggs 206 Medium 12 laps, 350 minimum weight, 17/62 suggested gear (35 chain)

Briggs 206 Heavy 12 laps, 375 minimum weight, 17/62 suggested gear (35 chain)

Briggs 206 Masters 12 laps, 375 minimum weight, 17/62 suggested gear (35 chain)

Briggs 206 Super Masters 12 laps, 375 minimum weight, 17/62 suggested gear (35 chain)

Margay Ignite Senior 12 laps, 360 minimum weight, 19/64 suggested gear (35 chain)

Margay Ignite Masters 12 laps, 370 minimum weight, 19/64 suggested gear (35 chain)

Vintage Exhibition 8 laps, None-Line up by speed, fast to front (see vintage notes)

80cc Shifter 12 laps, 360/370 minimum weight (2 wheel brakes/4 wheel brakes)

TaG Senior 12 laps, 365 minimum weight (IAME & Rotax), 380 (Motori/Sonik/Rok) 12/80 suggested gear (219 chain)

125cc Shifter 12 laps, 385 Stock Honda, 400 KZ and modified moto, 13/27 suggested gearing

Track Layout

Here’s the track’s original layout, source:

Coverage from Local Media

Neat! Always great to see street events return.

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I hate to be this guy but…

I just watched a couple old vids and that race is 100% sketchy at best. Crazy amount of trees and the unforgiving rock walls. Maybe it’s the not so good video but looks like you need to prepare a new set of undies for each track session

I think it’s a little early to judge safety yet. Look at how much Rock Island has changed in that time period. I suspect the track safety measures will be different from the last time the race was run.

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I went by the park 2 years ago, the track was always known for the "crown " in the road. They repaved it and it was still there. Is it A FAST coarse… Yes. Is it more danger running it then A normal track, If you “over drive” it is. If you have any doubt in your driving ability at all its not A track for you…If you have had more then say 3 spinouts in the last year of driving (unhelped) it may not be the track for you haha. I’m just messing with you all. I raced it once and learned its over my ability to race. Ill go and watch, but its not A track I can run confidently.

This is quite timely:

Terry Traeder said that on numerous occasions over the past decade there seemed to be civic interest in bringing back the Gran Prix, but the road through South Park that had always been used for the course had fallen into disrepair and was in no condition to host the event. The areas in question, however, were repaved over the past two years.

“That was the game-changer,” Traeder said. “Ever since South Park was repaved, the possibility of the Gran Prix returning became more of a possibility.”

Some good info in this article from EKN including a list of past winners

Couple of interesting bits from EKN’s article:

The Superkarts! USA King of the Streets was held at the Park in 1999, the initial years of the race, which would find a permanent home in Rock Island

The roads used for the course have been completely repaved, and over 3,500 barriers and over 500 haybales are on the plan to line the course. Fencing will be placed around the course

Triple crown confirmed consisting of Rock Island, Quincy and Elkhart:

A formal press release should be out shortly.
Open 125 shifter, Yamaha Heavy, and 206 Heavy will run Quincy, Elkhart, and Rock Island.
Margay Ignite will run Quincy, Indy, and Rock Island.

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Who is all attending? Who is all racing? And what classes? Trying to work something up but not a lot of time to do so!

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Looks like Ignite racers got a bit of sneaky testing in at South Park :smiley:

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That looks like fun test day, but those curbs and walls do not.

All ready for June 9-10 image


First thing I thought when I saw the news promo they did a few days ago was not how cool the track looks, but rather how dangerous and careless they were being during the test. Pitting and standing by the side of the track, dozens of unprotected objects just off the pavement… Cringe worthy. Made me think of this from a few years back:

Hopefully they plan on bringing in a few miles of barriers for race weekend.

Safety is a very individual thing of course. But given this race’s legacy is at stake, and the experience of the people organizing it, I suspect barriers and other considerations will be high on the list for the event itself.

That shunt was nasty. I never did hear what the long term outcome was :frowning:

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Terry Traeder talking about what they’ve secured for safety…image

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Pretty cool article on EKN about Quincy

Back in the day of 100 open they had fuel stops!

As he is coming to a stop (again, from 100 mph), he hits the quick release cap on the filler neck, hits the kill switch and comes up out of the seat STANDING ON THE BRAKE PEDAL…WHILE STOPPING THE KART. The kart comes to a stop, Scott is standing with his left foot still on the pedal and right foot on the ground in front of the right tire, the dump can is inserted into the filler (behind Scott, in front of the steering wheel), seven quarts of methanol and who-knows-what goes into the tank, Scott falls back into the seat, the starter is already in the engine, it fires before his butt hits fiberglass, Scott is gone, closes the filler cap as he blends back onto the track and the crowd went nuts. It all happened in one smooth motion and it was over in 4.5 seconds. Oh yeah, they oiled the chain too…


Purse for shifter drivers. Rumored that $$$ will be added to other classes as well.


Who’s all going? What classes? Im registered for the 206 hvy and med.

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I’m in Disney that week so unfortunately I’ll miss it :frowning: