[Sponsored] Finishing Touches for a Well Prepared Kart

I came across these neat products and I like them so much I’m going to sell them. They will be available in different colors. 20% discount for KP members, just message me what you would like. I’ll also add them to store.kartpulse.com shortly.

Which one is your favorite?

Radiator hose support: $4.99

Dual fuel & cable + RPM: $6.99

Fuel\Cable support. Single: 2.99, Double $3.99

Fuel Filter Holder: $9.99

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This makes OCD TJ excited.


Right! I was so excited to see these. Zip ties work but… yuk

I told myself I wouldn’t buy things I don’t need. I’m sticking with my plan, I need these.

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Add them to the store menu.

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Will do for sure. I just need to get the correct details and so on put up on the store.