Supernats viewing?

I may be being dumb but I can’t find a stream for supernats. The EKN one doesn’t seem to be happening this year. Does anyone know if someone Is streaming?[0]=68.ARBjgmRK-M_oAPJkJffm_TFWaJ6S2OYNC_roLhA4Lr2yki5DpR7PzgKz-fdBJCUxFVa3YM1uUBvvKa63zY_TqT9CcVWPQihCTyKMGPaMr6eSlH6aPMAvQmn0qFq_886dbo_WRJvkH8PBYqoTFgXVY9kA7SohbVrH41ymSr7aFgIbXMabNv2Xn-VyTP1HfKhqytnHFKbwhnDYfEbLvmlKUhlusXCF9rBJobJdFSbNpqhJGl8rfrZbAJRwZF-SjHlLSh7rzLeCdcYhHJdDV0yyVwG97u0D-sBW51GDOQ4QgfHmKZ5lIVdP9mQ3PqtrD94a-sbTjqAn-Txh_2Q-lh3KHA&tn=-R

All the races are uploaded on SKUSA’s FB page. They were streamed live yesterday

Thanks. I swear I looked at that page ten times.

highly recommend watching Ka100 senior. No spoilers but it was thrilling.

I’m guessing TJ did something special? I’ll see if I can figure out where the links are to completed races.

Nope. I moved up 10 spots to finish 20th. Nothing spectacular. Was quick though.

The battle up front was pretty awesome though.


10 spots sounds pretty good to me. Maybe you can grab another 10 in finals?

Finals happened yesterday Dom?

Push back penalties changed up the top 5 too in senior ka100.

Aargh I assumed Sunday was the show.

As well as the X30 Senior. 2 great runs taken away from PBB. However, that is the nature of the game right now.

Also, EKN had their racer X from the KA100 Sr. class. Interesting reading, just trying to guess who it is. Any ideas TJ?

I knew who it was Wednesday already. :zipper_mouth_face:

Too bad your Supernats didn’t go better for you. However, I know you were battling with one of our friends that we race with regionally. The 941, Josiah Tracy.

I saw tj a couple of times, (doesnt show anyone other than top 5 most of the time) but the battle for the lead was great. leader was hit and went down to 14th and ended up making a pass for the lead on the last lap.

sounds pretty special at supernats.

Damn. I hope the lead wasnt taken away. He mightve got it pushed in when his feet were run over

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Brandon said the bumper got pushed in later in the race when he hit someone in front as karts were battling and checking up. Bumper wasn’t pushed in after the first incident.

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Damn. hate for a race win like that to be taken away. I never saw anything significant after that first crash. Another guy flipped at the beginning too.

At least he knew why it popped, and wasn’t from something that was completely not his fault. That was my concern for both him, and Norberg in the X30 race.

Norberg got his from contact when Craig hit him into turn one and Norberg went into the guy in front I believe.