Swift kart components?

So looking for some spare hubs how is the quality of swift kart parts?

Little tricky to locate hubs in titanium grey finish…bit of ocd as I like to have my anodized parts all match.

They look very similar in to Righetti Ridolfi parts wondering if they are just re-labelled parts.


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I think I had a set on front hubs from Swift on my last kart. They seemed to be of the same quality as the RR stuff. Whatever I had worked fine.

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I’ve heard mixed reviews on Swift components. Many seem to run the axles, hardware, brackets etc. and like them. I have heard from several chassis dealers however that the Swift rims often do not mimic the standard rims for a chassis well. This could just be a dealer trying to sell parts, however.

In particular, the concern seems to be centered around the Swift MXC wheel replicas.

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I got a swift H axle which has been working well for me. I haven’t directly tested it back to back against an OTK H, but I can at least tell you it’s definitely in between an N and a HH at least. I did notice it seems to rust a little easier than my other OTK axles, but as long as you regularly clean it with wd40 you should be fine. I feel like for the money, it’s worth it.

I’d be really interested to hear what other people know about the swift MXC wheels vs the OTK ones. I’m thinking about getting some if they are a good replica but I haven’t seen any reviews out there.

I believe swift wheels came up in this discussion. If you haven’t seen it already, here’s the link:

Sure, I think I browsed through that one before. It looks like there’s just one post briefly comparing them…if anyone else wants to share their feedback if they’ve compared the two wheels, that’d be awesome

I sell and use the Swift wheels. I use them interchangeably with MXC’s. No discernible difference. We have two sets of Swift wheels and two sets of MXC’s that stay on the team hauler. I grab whatever is most convenient for the next tire change.

Hi Jim, I’m assuming when you’re referring to the Swift wheels you use interchangeably with the MXCs they’re these shiny gold versions, and not the black low volume ones?

Yes, the gold shiny ones - https://www.fastkartsupply.com/products/swift-magnesium-wheel-set-130mm-pair

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