Switching to IAME X30

Hi, I have just switched from a Rotax Max to an IAME X30 engine (based on some of the advice I received here), and being new to the engine and with the national X30 championship starting soon, I have a couple of questions I was hoping someone could help me out with.

  • Reed Petals: Do the carbon reed petals make a considerable difference over the standard ones? Should I switch to them before the first race?
  • Spark Plugs: Most people at my track run B10EG plugs, however I noticed that the BR10EIX plug is allowed within the regulations. From my research this seems to be a higher quality plug, so does the X30 in particular perform better with it?
  • Oil Mixture: I have seen several conflicting reports on the ideal oil mixture, even between different IAME manuals. Some mention 4%, while my engine supplier and certain manuals quote 5%.

I am currently in the process of installing the engine, and will be running it for the first time soon. Any generic advice with regards to the X30 would be very appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Paging @tjkoyen :wink: ding!

I won’t speak specifically about the x30, but in general there isn’t a performance difference between the EG and EIX.

The metallurgy is different, but it’s more from a longevity standpoint. The EIX is iridium.

Given that you’ll likely be changing plugs somewhat regularly to get a reading on jetting, the EG is a more economical option.

I believe carbon reeds are illegal, and from what i understand wouldn’t provide a significant performance advantage anyways. I would just stick with the stock reeds.

James covered spark plugs, and I would ask your engine builder about the oil mixture.

My engineer basically said “you don’t need carbon reeds”. Good enough for me.

Fuel wise we use vp98 on x30 with one bottle of Motul per drum.

I think the oil recommendation difference might be based on the fact that Europe doesn’t use leaded fuel. Lead is really nice for internals of two strokes and still universally used in the US with two strokes.
Also great for cancer. But I digress.

The most important thing is to stick with what your engine builder recommends. That way when they give you advise, you’re on the same page. Different oil ratios affect jetting.

Circling back to plugs: this is a good read.