Tested out The Cambox Meca camera yesterday... Brilliant for driving analysis!

This camera has come under scrutiny with some karting organizations. Make sure you check your series’ rulebook for eligibility.


The CamBox Meca camera I bought over the winter appears to be a great driving instruction tool. It mounts inside your helmet, right above your eyebrows, so it’s the closest thing to driver’s-eye-view you can get. This lets me see my hands, feet, front tires, and even the MyChron data (when the quality isn’t so degraded…)

Here’s a hot lap around CHMS in the KA. It wasn’t my best lap (caught some exit curb onto the back straight), but on my best lap I let out a rather embarrassing cheer as I crossed the line, which was headphone shattering since the camera is in the helmet…

I couldn’t remember if there was a topic specifically for on-board videos. Feel free to move this or merge it if there already is one!

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Does it do 1080 or 4K? Also, it shoots thru visor?

Angle and tire chirp here at 0:33 very acceptable :+1:



I’m liking the magenta look.


This model only shoots in 720p, but they are working on an updated version that’s HD I think.

Yeah it shoots through the visor, so it would probably be clearer with a clear visor too.

Thanks for 9/10 James, this was after I had settled down a bit and was actually trying to go fast, but I usually go for 11s right outta the gate just to get things warmed up!


Interestingly this unit was designed for equestrian sports. At least that’s how it’s marketed. Down the black hole of youtube horse videos I go…

Also, your kart sounds like it’s on boil the whole time there. The revs barely drop, ever. Sounds great.

I watched the horse videos too when I was researching it… Made me realize that horses don’t really run very fast compared to a kart.

Norway is a really fun track, especially on the second and third sectors. Really fast and flowing and makes you feel like you’re hauling the entire time.


Put your mychron on your steering wheel straight. Its freaking me out. Haha.:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Bothered me the whole session too!

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I like this. Actually, I love it!

It’s this one, right? I might seriously look into getting one. The site didn’t translate my euros into dollars, but doing some quick mental math, it looks like it’s about $300?


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Although, if I had that on, people would hear how much I yell at other drivers…and myself when I’m driving.
Mostly myself…alot. :wink:

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the new version they are about to release does 1080 at 30fps which is great for normal speed playback. It also takes up to 64gb microSD which gives a good amount of record time. I may have to get one.
The only downside I can see is that the battery is internal. They claim 85mins on a charge but that’s not enough for a full day of karting.
On the plus side, this unit might save us all from having to watch videos where the gopro is pointing down and you can’t see the horizon.

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Interesting camera, price point seems high for the actual camera tech, but the form factor is on point.

How much did it cost you all-in and delivered to your door @tjkoyen?
Part of me wonders if you could make an adapter to make the GoPro session work in a similar manner. It’s 38x38x36mm. I didn’t find dimensions for the cambox’s camera alone. @The_Karting_Channel, you’ve got 3d printing chops, what do you think?


Looks like there’s a 1080p version coming out, pre order is around $420, Yikes. Again, seems like a lot of coin for the camera tech, but maybe the magic is in the form factor. It totes a Sony sensor and surround sound with noise reduction. Which is good because of of my pet hates is the sound from kart onboards is horrid with the wind noise.

For data/driving analysis it would be really nice to have that with a framerate higher than 30fps. Granted it does 720p at 60fps, but it’s going to be hard to read the mychron display at 720p

I think that’s awesome that you still get get that feeling after racing for so long. You should have posted that lap. Couple of my onboards from my chin mounted camera are like that. Good few soundbites in there including “YES!” “WTF” “Effin POS what’s your effin problem” and “That’s No good”

Given the dimensions work, you can 3D print anything.

Although I don’t know if I’d want such a big Session cube so close to my face in my helmet…

Yeah that’s why I’m trying to find camera dimensions for the Meca for comparison.

In a new concept way, no less.

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My personal favorite driver sound is when I hit curbing and it compresses broken ribs. Nothing like a good MUUUUUAAAAABGHH! at loud volume mid-turn.

The session is too big to properly fit inside the helmet. You’d lose a big chunk of vision. That being said you could chin mount it outside the helmet easily.

The camera itself on the CamBox is roughly 1" cubed. Any bigger and it’s going to start to impair vision.

Wish I would’ve known they were coming out with a new version, definitely would’ve liked to grab that.

Yep got one of those from gateway. Not fit for public consumption!

I have a compilation video somewhere I’ll have to re-upload it.