Tested out The Cambox Meca camera yesterday... Brilliant for driving analysis!


(Jamie Gonzalez) #21


Do you think enough space for camera and glasses without any interference? I cant do the whole contact lens things it weirds me out trying to put them in.

Can you post of few pics of your setup?

I am running an arai sk-6.


(TJ Koyen) #22

My helmet is in the trailer now, but yeah I think you could wear glasses with it. I wear contacts normally but I think my glasses would fit in there with the camera.

I’m also wearing an SK-6.

(James McMahon) #23

Here’s the video I was talking about. It was a promo reel I did as part of a TV series pitch.

In hindsight. Way too damn long. But it is entertaining for most because I tend to say “Fook” rather than “faaak”

(FB page this was published to was unpublished… I’ll see if I can find the video and re-upload it)

(TJ Koyen) #24

Of all the people I would’ve expected to post a private video link that none of us can view… James would not be in that group.

Come on internet guru!

(TJ Koyen) #25

Here you guys go, this is my fastest lap of the day complete with Ric Flair cheer at the end of the lap :joy::

(James McMahon) #26

Did you click it? It’s from a public page so it should work.
(yeah I said should, but it doesn’t)

ps. that whooo, epic.

pps, that page was unpublished and I think that’s why the vid isn’t visible. I’ve been pondering a re-up (and edit) to YT for a while…

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #27

Are you serious? I expected it :stuck_out_tongue: lol

(Hugh Janis) #28

If you don’t like wind noise make a dead cat and put it on the back of your gopro case. It will eliminate nearly all of the wind noise. Glue mic foam to the back of your open case and stitch on a little fur from the fabric store. Total cost is only a few dollars.

(Dom Callan) #29

Does this obscure the screen?

(Hugh Janis) #30

It shouldn’t.

(Dom Callan) #31

Color me confused. That looks from that angle like it totally obscures the little screen on the back of the gopro.

(James McMahon) #32

True the dead cat will help the wind noise. I’d still like to experiment with mic positioning to also get rid of the rattling, knocking and general plastic sounds from inside the case.

Some of us don’t even have fancy screens at the back of our gopros :smiley:

(Dom Callan) #33

Ah, I was not aware that the earlier models did not have a preview screen.

(Hugh Janis) #34

I’m interested in that as well since I struggle with getting decent video. The rattling from the case as well as the fairing made my videos from the Corkscrew Nationals sound like poo. Trueracer did a video about his camera locations but even taking his advice my videos still look like an epileptic mess.

Dom. I don’t have a screen on the back of mine as I still have the Hero 3+. It’s a necessary evil if you want to get rid of wind noise. I’m shocked more karters don’t use them.

(James McMahon) #35

I think it would have to come down to external mic with a wind protector and maybe a shock mount. Then trying different positions. Maybe behind the seat or something.

(Dom Callan) #36

They do make a mic adapter and there are a bunch of external mics of varying quality and expense. Apparently external mics make a huge diff. The hero 5 and 6 complicate things in that there’s all sorts of compatibility issues with mics and a new proprietary mic adapter which is, surprise, surprise, pricey. Hero 4 and 3 are apparently no prob.

(TJ Koyen) #37

Before you go out and buy one of these CamBox cameras, I would hold out. I was told by tech yesterday that SFI is specifically not approving the at the moment because of the “risk of them falling off inside the helmet and obscuring vision”.

Apparently they are currently not legal in NASCAR and some other major series. I’m being allowed to run it this weekend but there may be a rule coming to ban them.

(James McMahon) #38

NKA made a ruling today that would prevent this camera from being legal for competition. Read the text in red.

GoPro mounting options for karts
(TJ Koyen) #39

Wah wah wahhhhhh. I didn’t even throw mine on this weekend.

(James McMahon) #40

Yeah I think we knew a ban was coming, at least in the short term.

Maybe something can be worked out longer term.