Tested out The Cambox Meca camera yesterday... Brilliant for driving analysis!


(James McMahon) #41

This verbiage in the WKA July Board Meeting minutes points to a problem there also:

Motion by D. Cole to change 212.6.1 and 262.12 to: “Cameras may only be mounted on drivers fairing under the number > panel, top of radiator, left side chassis mounted bracket. Top of camera cannot exceed 26” from ground.

(Jim Maier) #42

I think there is more danger posed by the gopro’s falling off a kart and bouncing into a driver’s visor than there is from this cambox camera causing any problems inside the helmet. Are they going to ban people from wearing glasses next!?

(M Martin) #43

I understand cameras can be a danger on the helmet - i don’t 100% understand why, though.

However, cameras should be treated like anything else which is affixed to the kart which could fall off - if it’s a real worry, require bolts and a secondary tethering mechanism - safety wire, a string tied to the case and the kart elsewhere, etc. etc.