The Lab Motorsport - Paddle Shift KZ

Has anyone on here currently running a lab motorsport paddle shifter?

Has there been much improvement laptime wise running this kit?

Is there much force required to change paddles? Any isssues with hand and forearm pump?

How has been reliabilty been?

Nice price tag, but looks like some good kit!

Been running that for years. Impeccable reliability. No laptime improvement per se, but HUGE difference in fatigue. I’ve used it due to shoulder injuries, I would have never been able to drive a shifter that soon without it…so in that sense, without it my laptimes would have fallen after 3 laps, but it’s more because of my limitations. 2 years in, after I pretty much healed completely, I’ve removed it in preparation for another project, and laptimes are the same…but difference in fatigue at the end of the sessions is noticeable


did you run it with the flatshift activated?

The Lab paddles utilize magnetic retainers, same as F1, so actuation is click smooth with light resistance (no springs).

There are a couple of mechanical pull cable actuated kits on the market now, but I can’t speak to their comparative ease of use, but being manual operation, I’d bet fatigue could a potential factor.

The fully mechanical setups are fully legal in competition however, so if someone wants to race with paddles that would be a setup they would need. I am surprised that there isn’t a system with a push-pull cable instead of just pull cables.

No, I’ve run it without it…that’s a good point, so just to clarify for the OP: my comments around no improvement on laptimes, refer to the version with no ignition cutoff. That feature may bring some advantages.

In my case, I didn’t feel it was fair vs other competitors as I’ve run it in a couple of local events in the shifter class. I think in US it can be run at SKUSA events too as long as there is no ignition cutoff, with prior approval from the organization. If I recall correctly, you need to reach out ahead of time and explain your reasons

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There is, sort of.

ShiftMN is a paddle shift using a P-P cable, but it’s cable is oriented to work with a MC engine shift pattern instead of KZ, so the operation is opposite (ie. L = up, R = down). The only way I can see making it work would be to switch the cable to the opposite paddle, & that would involve welding & drilling a segment of aluminum there for the cable end to bolt to.

Motori7 recommends the pull cables should be replaced annually (assuming a full season) on their model.


The Vamec Mio-K looks like the Motori7 with an ambi clutch lever. They claim cables are “anti-compression/anti-stretch”, & I was told they are like clutch cables by FasTech. No idea how long they can go before requiring replacement. Probably same as the Motori7.

I actually tested the Vamec model, Quite hard on the hands with latic acid build up and cramps.

Great for a few laps, maybe some seat time would condition the muscles.

That’s really owed to the gearbox. I’ve never tried a manual paddle, so I don’t know how much force/effort is required. Might be an adaptable hurdle, or it might cause tendonitis & CTS. Don’t know. I think tKart has a review of all the paddle shifters on the market (There’s supposedly 7 of them, but I don’t know them all). The Lab unit is the slickest one I’ve seen thus far.

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I agree. I tested their prototypes and the retail version. It’s the best solution period. The engineering, materials, quality and reliability is the best. I just took apart the long term test mule, 3 years on 3 different engines and 2 chassis, it’s still working flawlessly. Not cheap, but I would never buy anything else.

I think they are sold in US now too, through 2 official distributors. Fastech and SharkShifter if I recall correctly

@Andy_DiGiusto is there much difference between the sport and race versions?

Is there maintaince required on the race version?

Sport features:

  • Settable Cut-Off function
  • Settable Neutral gear finder system
  • Full metal gearbox
  • ECU programmable using our APP and bluetooth connection
  • Paddles made in ALLUTEX

Race features:

  • RPM reading system
  • Software of ECU designed for competition
  • Anti-tornsion system of actuator tuned
  • Actuator engine tuned
  • Hinges tuned
  • Real carbon fiber paddles as default
  • Air flap to avoid turbolent flows
  • Settable Cut-Off function
  • Settable Neutral gear finder system
  • ECU programmable using our APP and bluetooth connection

I have an earlier, more spartan version that has aluminum & steel components, a fixed shift speed (ie. Not programmable), & does not have the ignition cut & neutral finder (A short “blip” of the paddle when in 1st or 2nd hits neutral easily). Of course, it was also priced accordingly.

Let me ask the boss. Hold on

Good morning!
Just 2 min to introduce myself.
I’m Stefano Parisi, head of engineering and owner of TheLabMotorsport where we develop and produce electronic shifting system for motorsport field since 2017, and from April of 2023 we also are supplier of Fernando Alonso karting brand.

Thanks to Andrea and Spencer for your support, is not easy to land to other country and let clear what is our product and what means for my factory quality, reliable and performance.

Now a news for 2024:
We have worked during this winter to launch a new generation of paddle shifter for karting field:
The version available for retailers (fastech racing and sharkshifter) will be SPORT and RACE.
We’ll launch also a new “ONE” kit. But let start to explain the news and differences.

The wiring will be equipped with aeronautical and automotive connectors instead the currently superseal.
The new GCU (gear control unit) will be more reliable thanks to the improved quality of electronic components. And will be available also more functions.
We have improved also the quality of hinges, that will be always magnetic but made in aluminium CNC to avoid any issue about broken.

These features for all kit. Now one by one:

The race will be equipped with ACS (advance cut-off system) a patented system that allows to read the RPM of the engine and cut only some sparks of ignition coil, giving to the driver a faster and smooth shift.
It also have a second actuator for the blipper function (a little bit of throttle during down shift) with a new fixing system to make the assembly easier without split the throttle cable.
Will be added to the paddles plate 4 buttons for launch control system, neutral gear selection, mapping 1 and mapping 2. So will be possibile set 3 different setup and change them during driving.
With race you will can set more then 20 parameters of the shifter by APP.

Starting from RACE features, this kit has not the ACS, but an integrated algorithm that simulate the function of ACS, offering a different cut-off time between straight and out of turns steps.
Is not equipped with blipper system and has not any buttons on the paddles plate.
Only 2 parameters are settable by the APP, the cut-off time and neutral pulse force.

Entry level system, more cheaper to offer always the The Lab Motorpsort quality but with less “questions”. Only need to assembly the kit and do not think about setup.
You will always free to change the cut-off time and neutral pulse force but there is not the ADS system or integrated algorithm. Only simple cut-off effect.
This kit is provided without battery and charger (4S 6500mAh 100C suggested).

About maintenance I can say that with all kit you have to check only two things: the backlash of actuator rod, and the actuator support status. If they get too much wear need to be replaced, but is an easy, fast, and cheep job.

For the manual paddles system we have it as well, but the effort required in more then 10 laps is over the biomedical requirements. This affect the health of the drivers and their performance, with big problems in long time.
In reason of this we have decided to don’t put on market the system, for us is better use the original stick then that.

We are also working with Ronni Sala to bring the paddles shifter in USA competitions but looks a struggling and long path.

I think to be clear, and I’m here for any questions.
Hope to see you between our customers soon.
Thanks again to our supporter🦾


Is this entry level system using the same actuator, gears etc as the other two? So shift speed and force is the same as other models?

If the only difference is simple cutoff and losing battery/charger but at lower price-point, it could be a really interesting offer

Bet it uses the same actuator.


Is the launch control a new feature for 2024? Sounds interesting.

The one kit also sounds interesting.

When will we be able to see these new kits on the website?