The standard upgrades to an OTK

Curious what everyone’s standard or goto upgrades from a stock OTK 401 is… I’ve found that allot of people buy different things but in the end only use 2 or 3 things…

Think for myself…
MXC+MXP rims
Extra axle (soft/hard)
Extra seat stay (+right side adjustable)

I have purchased but rarely used
Incline steering space
45/55 steering rod

Other kart brands I’ve purchased you basically had to buy camber/caster pills, front bar etc… OTK seems “complete” for the most part right out of the box.

I bought all the front bars. Adjustable stay for the right. 2 straights for the left. N, cut N, A, H axles. Long front hubs (we rain race a lot), neutral pills, mychron adapter, bumper savers, and I think that’s it.

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There’s a TKart article about Callum Bradshaw’s World Championship winning kart. There really wasn’t much they did to it - threw some old radiator hose around the steering column to prevent damaging tierods in the pits, taped around the axle next to the hubs so they could see if it moved, saved some money on seat mounting by just using panhead screws and plain washers, and as a factory team they certainly had a full selection of wheels and axles.

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How often do you switch out the bars and are there specific ones that are your go to? I find the most I do is adjust the standard 45 degrees sometimes.

Bumper savers and good skid plates for sure. MXC rims to go with the stock set. adjustable steering adapter. Then start collecting axles as you need them. We used N and harder, but YMMV.

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The other suggestions here are good little pieces to have handy.

Personally, I consider the MXCs a must-have. Or a similar wheel. Something that will hold the tire in a more consistent temperature window. I’ve been running my MXJs for practice and even on a green track just running laps for practice, the drop-off in tire performance is noticeable after 5 laps or so. I can feel the right rear start to suffer pretty quickly. I may try some AMVs this year as well, as they seem to perform really well.

Different degree caster pills and neutral pills are also probably a must-have for me. Having the ability to fine tune the caster and go half-steps is really helpful.

The flat bar should get you through 90% of situations, but having a couple round bars as in-betweens is a good one. The flat bar is nice in it’s adjustability, but can be a little tough to consistently set it the same session to session if you’re changing it. The round bars are nice for that little added consistency.

Angled steering hub is a nice one to have too, so you can get a bit more push into the wheel, though some of that is a driver preference thing.

Same goes for the slotted steering shaft. Some drivers prefer the feel of less steering rate, but going up on the stock column is too much for them so some like the in-between settings on the slotted shaft. That’s pretty rare though I think. That’s all down to driver feel and if someone is being so picky on the steering rate feeling, I would just tell them to suck it up and drive it. :wink:

The other things like bumper savers and skid plates should be added onto basically every kart brand. Those things are no-brainers.

In the end, you’re right, the kart is very complete from factory. The “upgrades” are more down to what level you’re racing at, as some of the finer adjustment pieces would really only be necessary if you’re experiencing big track evolution, going to different circuits, varying grip levels etc. like you’d see at a regional or national level race. Running locally or club level, you shouldn’t really “need” anything to make the kart better, unless it’s a part or piece that just comes down to driver preference.

Yeah I’m a lunatic so I have more stuff than I need. But yes MXC are great. I also run the AMV 9F and 3F. The only bar I use with lots of frequency is the chrome. I like it as it’s where I usually start the day. Then I’ll dial out some camber and ultimately go to the flat bar. But all heavily dependent on how much rubber the track is taking. Just use practice to try things. See what works and doesn’t. Even heat races if it’s still off to dial for the final.

Found it… good read!