Tire Pressure Help. MG Reds at GoPro Motorplex

2020 Margay Ignite K3

Tire pressure

Im an extreme newbie and I’ve been seeing alot of different info on tire pressure and its alot to take in. Is there anybody on here that races at GoPro Motorplex on the MG Red tires? Im gonna be racing in the LO206 Heavy class.

Generally we stay in the 10-13 psi cold pressure range on Reds, though someone with specific 206 insight might be able to chime in.

I run x30s at GoPro and it depends on the weather. We usually take readings on the tires as soon as we come off the track. At the end of a 10-14 lap run we want the pressures around 12-13psi. Generally on a warmer day we start with about 9.5psi and it’ll get there, but with lower pressures your kart is going to be more likely to wheel hop. If you’re there this weekend start around 10 and check pressures when you come off track to see where they are.

Do they run Reds in X30 at GoPro?

Josh’s information seems spot on MG’s recommendation for tire pressure hot and cold. I put this cheat sheet together for myself for the brands I could find it on. Hopefully you find it useful.

I put all of my tire pressure quick tips here in this article on ‘How To Set Tire Pressure


Looking back my notes from the USPKS race at GoPro and we ran 10.5 psi cold for the finals on Reds.

Odd that MG recommends the same pressures for Yellows and Reds. We always run Yellows 2 psi or so lower than Reds.

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If I’m not mistaken, Jerry had juniors on reds at the same pressures as the adults on whites (lecont).

We ran cold 10-11 usually, which appears different.

I thought so too but I have never run Red so no experience. Interestingly, Evinco shows different cold pressures between Blue (11-13 psi) and Red (8-10 psi) so maybe this was an oversight. I will check with MG USA for verification.

Updated the table with the latest information that I received from MG. It is the new homologation. The old homologation was similar for Yellow but Red was lower.


Depends on track and it conditions. If the tire does not look like it is overheating, you can safely go up. NY Race Complex I was up at 13 psi cold with Whites.

Gotcha, thanks Paul.

It varies from class to class. I know the x30’s run yellows, but some of the slower classes run reds.

That’s what I thought.

I only asked because Andrew was specifically asking about Reds, which do require a different pressure than the Yellows run in X30.

Sorry for not responding right away. I work in healthcare IT and things have been crazy to say the least. All of your post have been really insightful and I think I have a better understanding. What I need to do is make a trip up there after all this virus craziness is over and just put down some laps while recording data. Play with the tire pressures and check lap times.

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Can you elaborate on what an overheated tire looks like? I always though under inflation caused overheating.

Check out this topic. Lots of good examples of different wear issues here.

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Awesome. Thank you. I will check it out.

Interesting. I’ve just got from MG website ( http://mgtires.com/en/pneus-de-kart/novos/homologados-cik-fia-1/sh ) their recommended tire pressure for new red compound saying to work (hot) near 15.9psi (+/-3.00). It seems to me a little bit high. Do you agree? Anybody has already used new red tires (SH) to confirm 15.9psi brings good grip?


They recommend 15.9 +/- 3 psi hot so that is 13-19 hot which is approximately 10-16 cold.

Lots of track grip, then you are on the lower end of the range. I believe GoPro is quite grippy and NC will be hot soon so lower rather than higher.

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