Tire wear pattern Lo206

My son is running Jr Lo206 in an 2020 OTK chassis. This is our first season with only 2 practice days and 2 races under our belts. One thing I have noticed is his rear tires (MG reds) wear on the inner 3/4 of the tires width (most signs of aggressive wear being in the inner most inch or two).

The outer 1/4 from just outside the outer wear dot goes from barely scuffed to zero signs of wear going out the the rounded edge. The inside rounded edge has a thin line of rubber build up. I took a stroll around the pits and seen this pattern on some competitors tires as well (not necessarily the faster competitors).

I had recently made some set up changes to raise the seat, and raise the rear ride height. We mostly go out F&R on 16-17psi cold for 5 minute practice or qualifying. Features we go out between 15-16. His axle is an N and width is under the limit at around 53.75 I think.

I had not played with rear width but I did try to widen the front. Some and then less. If any of my changes effected tire wear I would say that where they are showing heat and wear, then they are showing more of it

The rear tires will naturally camber themselves as the axle flexes under load. This causes what you are seeing.


I agree with Burpo. Very normal. Some tire/compounds are worse than others, but the MG reds wear that way naturally.

Totally normal. But if you’re really worried about it, feel free to post a pic to the tire diagnosis thread.

Much appreciated guys. Once again Karting proves for me to be the most counterintuitive thing I have come across.

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That will prove more and more true every single day. Enjoy it!