Tony Kart Mitox seat position

I have an old Mitox kart that I am going to fit a seat in next weekend.
I am looking for seat measurements, but I can’t seem to find any on the web.

Do any of you know the standard (ish) measurements? It doesn’t have to be bang-on perfect, it’s just a kart I want my dad to have a little fun with this summer :smiley:

Took me a while to find it in my archive… but here you go…

Bonus material:

Mitox Castor Pills - Wright Owner Manual.pdf (179.7 KB)
OTK Axle Chart.pdf (101.3 KB)
Kosmic 2009 Seat Position.PDF (189.0 KB)
OTK_parts list 2005.pdf (3.9 MB)
Kosmic J3 Knowledge packet V2.PDF (1.1 MB)
BS1 brake system Homogation Sheet.pdf (453.5 KB)


Amazing. Thanks a lot James!