Twin KZ build

Posting out of request from James. Been involved in karting on and off over 30 years. Long time running a 125, then had a BRC twin superkart (that was fun). My son is 7 and started racing last year and pulled me back in. Wanted to do another twin but it was just out of reach. Also wanted to try a laydown as it was something we hadn’t tried before so here we are. Suoerkart frame, laydown body/concept with twin TMK10b’s. Working to have it complete for a race in May.


Interesting take to use the Superkart chassis in a laydown format. Are you doing much to the KZ engines or pretty much leaving them in KZ spec?

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Bigger carbs, different ignition and more CC’s. Basically make them an open motor.

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On the L side engine, can the stock pipe just be rotated & bolted on so it exits inward, or did you have to cut & reweld the header to change its direction?

Yes it can and yes it was. I am goimg to have to modify one of the pipes for clearance but its going to be a minimal change.

How are you going to manage the gear shift between the 2 motors?

Morse cables. Previously used them on a CR125 and it worked well. If we have sync issues then I’ll have to fabricate a link system.

Worth checking out Jade Karts Division 1 twin.


Yes sir, have tried to look at the pictures posted but there are not many I can find. I also have the unique situation of being 6"4 so my size presents some additional challenges. Their build is super cool!

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Have a look for Daniel Thompson on the Div 1 groups. He’s a tall lad building a Div 1 twin too here in the UK if you want to share some ideas.

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Yes we have been exchanging ideas and pictures. Solid dude! Thanks Alan.

Looking forward to seeing this

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This thing is going to be brutally fast! Very cool project.

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Thanks All! Bit more progress. Seat set, steering shafts set, pipes close, radiator close. Front hoop welded on. Keep plowing along for now!


Good choice on the epic radiator

He made some of the nicest stuff. Raced against him at Road Atlanta in his twin CR125 situp kart. Thing was nuts!

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I’m encouraged and frustrated at the same time. Slow progress is still progress I suppose. Finding space for the fuel tanks should be fun…

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Nice job,but one question…did you mount the left engine as far as possible to the center of the kart ?
I am asking this because of the axle sprocket,this has to be as close as possible to the bearing carrier.This because of to much bending of the axle.

The only other way the left sprocket could have been moved over any further would have been via a jackshaft, which I wanted to avoid if possible. Given the rules, my size and 2 engines, space was just very limited as the pictures show. Appreciate the input and its something we will be paying attention to!