Ultrasonic Cleaners

I have recently had an interest in Ultrasonic cleaners. Wondering if anyone has any experience with using them for their kart? It seems nearly too good to be true. Just drop your parts in a solution, turn the cleaner on, and 20 minutes later have brand new engine parts. Also can be used for tools, rust removal, jewelry, etc…

They are basically every bit as good as you said, especially for carbs. First time i dropped a dirty carb in mine, you could literally watch the grime drift away from the carb like smoke from a fire.

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That was my conclusion from all the videos I have watched. Harbor freight is currently running a sale on their 6L unit for $120 which seems like a deal because everyone I have seen said it is just as nice as any of them. Going to go pick it up soon then thanks!

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Good thinking. I bet most of them all come from the same factory, i bought mine off amazon, i got the 3L size, and if i could go back and do it again, id get the 6L for sure.

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when you do the carb do you remove the gaskets and carb needles or just take it off the engine and drop it in?

I pull the bowl off and remove the float and needle. Don’t run it too hot.

Think about what size you need. I have a 15L cleaner which fits good size parts. The heater is undersized. They work well but are not silver bullets.

i got a 4 liter and i run carbs in without gasket and seat/needles and i Run it at 60 degress wit 40mhz
and around 15 min. I use normal dawn dishsoap and i works really well

I have the 2.5L unit from HF and it has served me well for bike parts, kart parts and even some RC bearings. If you like parts “like new” clean you won’t be disappointed.

We use one for carbs and one for the 206 filters. Used to clean the filters with k&n filter cleaner and thought they were clean. Using the ultrasonic they get near new.

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Carbs, filters, clutches, bearings, briggs heads, valves, etc… I clean all these in mine. If it fits, I put it in there. I work in a lab, and we use them all the time to clean instruments and equipment. I got a used one off ebay. Don’t worry to much about what you use for cleaning solution. Plain water will get the job done. Sometimes I throw in some superclean or dish soap to speed it up.

I’ve got a question.

My Magnesium OTK hubs are heavily oxidized, it hurts my heart to see lol. Will the ultrasonic cleaner work for them? if so will it harm their structure or do any damage? Curious to see if anyone has done this.


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I just got an email this morning from Harbor Freight for 20% off a single item for their fathers day special! Keep your eye out for the coupon!

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do not immerse them in any solution, even worse if hot. Once magnesium corrodes, there is no turning back (you can remove the white powdery corrosion, but pitting underneath will be there and will keep corrode away).
Best option is this https://www.gibbsbrand.info/ and fine scotch brite (grey) and lots of elbow grease.
Lookup how people restore magnesium rims in hot rods and old race cars to get some ideas, you will see most people use some variations of the method above. Spoiler alert…it’s a nightmare

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How loud are these things? Just raced in the rain this weekend and kart is a mess, thinking of going to Harbor Freight and getting busy.

So, kill them with fire!

Magnesium flash powder