Used 206 kart advice

Hey everyone,

I’m thinking about purchasing a used kart from the local track here in Minnesota. It’s a 2014 italkart rapido with a brand new briggs engine. Looked at the frame and components and it almost looked brand new. They want $!3250 for it. Is this a good deal for a used kart?

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Hey @Moo716 and welcome to the forums.

I’m actually in MN myself and try to get to Stockholm Kart Center when I can.

$3250 seems a tad high for a 2014 with a 206 on it, but the condition matters too of course.

I will say that if you’re patient, you could get going with a decent enough kart to start off for between $1800 - $2500.

Hi James,

Are you suggesting to wait until after this season?

Also are you going to the race on Sunday? I’m going to be there with one of their 206 rentals.

Yeah that seems a bit high unless it’s really super clean, when I started shopping it seemed like around $2k for an older chassis “turn key” kart was the going rate. It sounds like that kart might be better suited to an experienced guy looking to upgrade. I’m currently selling my 2009 Birel LO206 kart with spares and accessories (full set of gears, extra sets of wheels, etc) and asking $2k (I’m moving overseas). It’s been up for sale for weeks but I think that’s mostly because everyone buys and sells in the spring! Unfortunately I’m a bit of a hike from you (Detroit area) otherwise I’d give you a killer deal!

Thanks for the kind reply. The kart was pretty clean. I honestly thought it was brand new. For now I was just going to rent one of their 206s to race but I eventually want my own. Still on the fence if I should just get a new kart or used. Used makes more sense but new seems to involve less hassle.

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My 2c… new Briggs engine and a one season old chassis.

Not necessarily, I’m sure there’s deals out there.

Hmm not sure. Maybe. I could enter my 206 maybe. Need to see where my pace is and if I might need to do some things to my kart.

First kart should be used. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Save the rest of the money for coaching, consumables and this book

Not that I’m a good example, but in 20 or so years I’ve never bought a new kart. So from that standpoint, I think a (good) used kart will serve you very well for your first season and likely beyond that too.

Thanks for the info @KartingIsLife ! Just purchased the book haha.

Also it’s pretty hard to find a 2017 chassis @Bimodal_Rocket. Havent seen any

Any suggestions on where to look?

Ekarting news, and used go karts are the only ones I know of online

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Well point being not brand new. So many racers switch chassis all the time so if you talk to a team, odds are they have something.

You can find some really good used equipment out there ready to go in the $2500 range. I suggest not to buy anything new first time. Save the coin and use it to better yourself like James mentions. You’d be surprised at what a day with a coach can do. Even if it’s not a “top level” driver who is coaching, a person that is a fast local club racer can open yours eyes and get you up to speed very fast.

Good example, my Son spent some time with a kid karter this weekend and she went from 3 seconds off the pace to winning a race. Just need to get good clean lines and it’s up from there.

As far as where to look, you’ll have some good success on the 206 racers page on FB.

I could point you in 10 different directions on a chassis but my best advice is to get something that has local support or at a min has enough drivers locally that can help you with tuning info.

Go have some fun!

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Oh this reminds me:

I’ll post on my personal Facebook wall too, see if anyone around here has something.


Is $2800 for a 2018 intrepid f4k chassis a good deal? Only has a couple of races

Sounds pretty decent off the cuff? Depends on how many races are on it, condition etc.
Is it close enough that you can check it out?

He said hes a dealer of intrepid in CO and it has 2 races. He said with engine (used with 2%leak +dyno sheets) it would be 3400

@Moo716 Just tagged you in a post on the 206 page. The Dark isn’t what I would consider the top of the list karts but for everything you are getting for the $3k, you’re all set. Especially if you can fit in the suit that comes with it. It’s a legit complete operation with spares.

If I was just starting out, this is what I would be buying. Get your feet wet and learn and you can upgrade the tubes(chassis) later.

For the record, I have absolutely no affiliation with the seller.

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I dont think I got the tag?

Nvm just saw the tag, thanks Don!

Do you guys think that setup will be competitive?

I’ve seen them run up front with quality drivers behind the wheel.

Thanks! That package seems very good for a beginner

It is and has $1k in misc parts that at some point you will need for set up and spares etc. It’s a ways away in Ohio but maybe you could work a deal to meet some where. Good luck and if you ever need any set up advice make sure to come back to the boards and ask.

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Hope to see you at the track this weekend.