Used vs New Mychron

I have the option of 1) Waiting to find a used Mychron 5s for ~$450-500, or 2) buying a new Mychron 5s for $599 with a $40 gift card after purchase. Are there any advantages to a new Mychron? Battery life, better gps or memory speed?

Wireless data transfer. Second sensor possible, etc.

wdym by wireless data transfer? could I not use wireless data transfer with a used mychron 5s?

I meant that in the 5 you can transfer data from mychron and rwview in the software trackside, via wireless. I think with 4 you need a cable. Could be wrong.

Edit: I misread. I thought you were comparing used 4 to new 5.

oh i understand, I was asking more towards any advantage of buying the same model of Mychron 5s but used vs new. I didn’t know if Mychrons wear out over time and become slower, buttons become less reactive as they wear out, etc…

I would imagine that new with gift card seems more expedient. I don’t recall any major updates.

yeah i think I’ll just bite the bullet on a new one and use the $40 gift card to buy the mount and new number plate for the kart. I don’t want to get a used one and find out one of the buttons are sticky or something is wrong with it.

From the AIM site: The GPS frequency has improved from 10 to 25 Hz and the precision accuracy has improved from about 5 feet to 2 feet (1.5 m to 45 cm in average).

The increase in sampling frequency and accuracy should result in better speed and acceleration data. But the 2 feet positional accuracy doesn’t seem very suitable for driving lines in karts.

I’m pretty sure a used 5S and new 5S should have them same specs, the change from 5 to 5S was when the upgraded electronics came in. Benefit with a new one is you should get it quicker. Used 5S saves bucks, of course.

I’d recently asked the AiM folks about differences and I’ve attached the response and document.

Hi Harjit, there are differences on some internal revisions of the Mychron5S, those changes are not publicly documented in full by our manufacturing parent of AiM Sportline of Italy, but there are some notes of the changes in the links below. The newest versions are being produced with a change in processor starting with SN:83040000
Regarding instructions, these two links should have most of the information you might need.

The latest firmware version for the Mychron5S is 02.40.52.

aim_mychron5S-2T_product_history_100.pdf (1.3 MB)

this is really good information. i just went and bought a new one for $600 with a $40 rebate to buy a mount and new number plate. so it seems they have been secretly updating their newer models

It is good that they are trying things. It could be because of part availability or performance or cost or?

In the end, I don’t know it matters but we don’t have enough information to be certain.

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Do you have a egt temp probe ? maby use the giftcard towards that ?

my chassis came with one luckily. i did have a question though, do most people rent a transponder? or buy their own?

Buy, ultimately. There’s a fella who posts here from time to time selling used older ones. No subscription type ones.

how much do those run? $100?

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why are the ones online $100? because they are subscription based?


Tranx160 is the older model that do not need subscription.

I usually have my own mount for it on my seat post! i get one every race. i leave a form of id for exchange of a transponder then after the race i give it back and get my id back! find it nice to have my own mount!