[Video + Discussion] KZ FIA World Karting Championship 2020

For all my talk about elite karting etc… I didn’t even know it was this weekend. I need to start trying ha


I like your self-mockery.
Nice track though,I’v been there lots of times.Today it was exiting with the track wet and dry.Tomorrow rain expected,Kremers fast in wet and dry,last heat tire pressure not spot on,but managed to win.In KZ he is the man to beat.

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There’s so much noise in our digital worlds these days it’s easy to miss stuff.

I’m calling this “lunge mode”

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haha rerminds me of hand front brakes. What you could do with those was ludicous.


It could be an advantage,you generate more grip to the front wheels,your turn in is better,because of more front grip,I think that’s the purpose.

oh Luca

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I guess by now he has a one on one with Robazzi…to pack his bag!


Well, at least it won’t be a track ban for him.


Was it with Ippolito? It seems the older 10 CRG chassis does still it’s job,fastest time…

Wow. Seriously? Chucking a front bumper at someone doing 60+ mph can be considered assault with a deadly weapon in some places. Event Ban for sure, if contact was made should be banned for the season! If injury occurred, I would vote for a lifetime ban. That’s ridiculous!! What happened to Sportsmanship?

After and incident back before Covid struck, there was a issue where an adult shoved a teen after contact on track that cost the Adult his lead. The board met and sent him packing for the day. The vote was close to ban him for the remainder of the season to make a statement to others. The guy was lucky and only had to call it a day.


it gets worse

Failure from the FIA of the highest order. They filmed him waiting in parc ferme and didn’t do anything. He might ow the track but this is unacceptable.

Yeah, I saw this earlier too. Completely ridiculous. So many of those people should be banned for life.

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Well, we did say we wanted drama and views… now we got it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Riccardo sounding off on this? Luca you done screwed up.

Luca is emulating NASCAR? :rofl:

Update (Kinda):

The FIA and ACI are deeply concerned by the disturbing events that occurred yesterday during the FIA Karting KZ World Championship in Lonato, Italy, involving drivers, team members and track officials. The FIA has launched an immediate investigation in to the incidents.

If it was my driver I absolutely would have told him to back off and just go afterwards to the tent of CRG and talk it over,that is the normal procedure.If have seen that Ippolito got a DQ aswell for bad manoeuvre.
I remember similar situation with Billy Cleavelin in Vegas. This was with a German guy who had no clue what he was doing,and crashed him out of the race.
My point is that when the adrenaline is high and you got crashed out by an idiot it is very hard to keep calm and be composed.


I’ve seen Fore talk a few times about running as a privateer. Would love to hear more about what that looks like from his perspective…

You mean Fore as privateer,or about privateers?