[Video] Mildy Satisfying Tire Torture With Data Overlay

By happenstance I ended up shooting video of an MG Red betting punished at 150F track temp.
Odenthal Racing GoPro mount wasn’t in the budget, so a plain ole GoPro mount (with tether) suck the top of the 206 was the next best option.

Next time around I’ll do a more focused effort.

For the data overlay, I used:
A Gopro Hero 8 (Stuck to the 206)
RaceBox.Pro mini for the data acquisition (25Hz GPS + G Sensor, velcro’d on floor tray)
RaceChrono’s iPhone app in my pocket to bring it all together.


What was ambient temp?

Around 90 with a “feels like” in the 100’s. We were under a head (Heat!!!) advisory.

Seems like mediums. How did they feel? Greasy?

Also, your ice karts sounded strong in that video. I would be happy for rentals with grunt like that.

460cc will do that. They don’t feel far off a KA to be honest.

206 on pavement last weekend top speed was 47/48. Rental speed on ice was 43. I’d say we could touch 50 with some changes, but that’s a tad spicy for the public.

On the MG tires, more grip than my body was happy with, they did grease up a good bit towards the end of that race but alas the camera started pointing down.

I swapped out the Tillet MS seat for a used deep seat. It looks noobish and ridiculous, it’s a pain to get in and out of. But damn It’s supportive.

Is that because they just legalized recreational marijuana in Minnesota? :rofl:

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Ah if only we were in the 90s here. It’s actually going to be a cool week here being under 90 at 4am. Ignoring the complaining, cool shot! I really want to build a DIY thermal sensor for tire testing. I think a couple people here have posted a project or two doing so.

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Yeah they are heavenly. The fact that it wraps around is kind of a game changer.

Yay for Minnesota stoners!

Hey, be careful out there!

For the heat I bought a couple of 1gal water jugs, chugged a few oz then added this powder and some ice. It’s sugar free and has 10g of protein per 12oz.

I used about 10 scoops. It’s a bit messy, but worked a treat.
Bonus: It’s blue, so people will think you’re drinking washer fluid.

This isn’t fully mixed but you get the idea

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