Vortex RokGP upgraded - unlimited PVL Coil from SuperRok

I need support assistance regarding the ROK GP Engine and Coil PVL.
I am looking to build a faster RokGP engine using the SuperRok 500211 PVL Coil.
I have acquired a Rok GP Vortex Engine on March,2021 (brand new one) that came with the PVL 500 212 (limits revs on 15,000)

I just have acquired a brand new PVL 500211 from MondoKart for the SuperRokGP without rev limitation as listed here: Coil 500,211 RokGP (ex SuperRok) Vortex (without limitation) on Offer

Unfortunately after installing the new PVL Coil my engine do not exceed 11,000 Revs.
Does anyone know if the PVL 500211 also works with the latest RokGP model, and if there is a need to replace or adapt something into the engine to leverage this coil without rev limitations? I know this is the PVL Coil used in the older SuperRok, which seems to be similar to the RokGP except for the Coil and exhaust valve.
BTW, I know the risks of running on higher Revs. I am just trying to transform my RokGP into a SuperRokGP.

According to this Doc: https://www.tonykart.jp/product/img_t/pic_13_01.pdf (page 10)
PVL Stator, PVL Rotor are the same for SuperRok and RokGp.
PVL IGNITION 500843/500980/500211
Only change is the PVL Coil from 500212 (15K rev) to 500211 (unlimted revs)


Answer received from PVL Support

attached you can find the curve of 212 and 211.

Both coils should work on your engine. The advance of the 211 comes rather low at 11000 RPM.


Did you get it to work properly?

I have found this quite interesting.
Got the original ROK, and it’s limited at 13,8 K rpm.
Would changing out the coils to the higher rev capable ones make it faster?

Did not work on mine. My new Super rok coil revs only up to 12K now. It seems I need to adjust engine advance and other setups. I will try again when I will change pistons.
Have you checked this video? About a ligher spring?