Washing helmet

Hi. I have been racing in the rain and my helmet kinda smells. How do you guys wash the inside of the helmet.
And im i allowed to clear coat my helmet to protect it?

I would just take a microfiber towel and spray the inside with all purpose cleaner and let it dry. For that Tershine APC works great, capsules any bacteria too.

For the outside Tershine Apex works really good, diluted 1:9.

And after cleaning I usually top it with a quick wax for some protection and easier cleaning next time.

Use a balaclava to

Yes, you can clear coat it no problem at all. Mine is cleared over the vinyl.

To clean the inside, I use this

If it’s in dire need, thoroughly soak it and wipe clean with microfiber cloth, then soak it again and leave it someplace warm on its side with visor open to dry out. Always wear a balaclava.

If you can get into the habit of giving it a spray with that stuff or similar every time wether you think it needs it or not, it’ll always smell fresh as a lemon :lemon: last time I drove it was so hot the sweat was running into my eyes, sprayed it soon as I got home and left it to dry. Fresh as.

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You can pop out the cheekpads and wash them. The rest of the interior stays in, but spraying it with some anti-bacterial spray will help.

The helmet already has clear coat on it from the factory. If you wanted to clear coat it again, you would have to sand it down, mask off all the trim, take the visor off, mask the padding off, and clear coat it. Not exactly and easy thing to do and sort of pointless since it is already clear coated.

His is either painted or vinyl, I’m guessing that’s why he wants to clear over the top. Makes sense especially if it’s vinyl.

Mine is painted from factory the design but i want to clear coat the helmet beacuse of the signatures

Who signed it? Anyone we’d recognize?

Its markus eriksson the indy 500 winner

A guy who won the 2022 porsche carrera cup

And a old f1 driver :open_mouth::+1::sunglasses:

How do i remove theese its a bell helmet

As a fellow old person I am curious as to which. Where did you meet Mr. Ericsson?

@Bimodal_Rocket At the porsche 2022 carerra cup finals in mantorp in sweden it was las week i think

Ok the guy in white is the winner
Old guy is old driver
Guy in blue is the swedish prince
And in red m.eriksson

Ah then be careful, the solvents in clear coat will likely dissolve the signatures rather than protect them

But its permanent marker :thinking: i can do a test piece to see

Do. Permanent means water won’t remove it. Wipe it with solvent it’ll come right off.

Ok thanks😪 hope it doesnt come off maby some clear vinly??

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Don’t recognize him but I’ll add him to the fast old guy list!

Racing with royalty must be interesting. Is the Prince quick? Porsche seems to like his driving, given his suit.

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Yeah he won the 918 cup when i was there🤣 and 5 time winner in swedish karting ( he has a own championchip)

Yeah the helmet is a factory “paint job” so it has clear over it already. All helmets come from the factory with clear on them.

If you are worried about the signatures, I would probably just try and get a new helmet and put that one on your shelf. Permanent marker does not hold up to UV light so over time if you continue to use it in the sunlight, the signatures could fade.

I agree with Richard that clearing over the signatures would risk ruining them from the solvents in the clear. Also again, you would have to sand the helmet finish to get the clear to stick, erasing all the signatures anyway.

You could get some clear vinyl and cut a few pieces to cover the signatures so they don’t get wiped or scuffed, but again the UV light might fade the marker if you use it outside too much.

Very cool, a Prince with driving chops. Maybe he could be Sweden’s 007.

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