Weekly Karting Zoom Chat with Al Nunley

Join in! 30 minutes long, every Sunday at 8 PM central.

Just click on the link and you should be taken to the meeting.

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Zoom meeting about what…? Have you been hacked lol?

Are you planning a weekly zoom Alan or has someone taken over your computer?

Every Sunday at 8 PM. (CST) “has someone taken over your computer” I have no idea what that means.

“About what” just a friendly meeting between karter’s. A chance to attach faces to names if nothing else.

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Ah. Without a description of what the meeting is about, it’s a bit confusing. It can seemlike someone other than you is spamming when there is no context or subject. We were concerned that your account had been compromised, maybe.


Nice initiative, I’ll be counting z’s though

Zoom call would be fun, maybe next Sunday or another time

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AI’m afraid you’ve lost me. Are you saying my account on KartPlus has been compromised? I’m a novice at webmail, educate me, what should I have used for a description or subject. It is permissible to, on KartPlus do what I did right?

No. I am saying the two vague and unusual titles to the two posts you made were not like anything you have posted before. Therefore we thought it might be possible that someone had high jacked your account and was spamming.

I’m with Dom, the subject header in particular of the post about gear ratios was, quite frankly, gobbledygook :rofl:

I’m a babe in the woods when it comes to things like this. Did my post get deleted? Is there no way to check where he post is coming from? I just assumed that all my post would come with my email address attached. Thank you for the heads up.

Everything is fine. We moderated it so that the headlines were changed so all is fine.

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I’m sorry, I don’t understand, could you break it down for me?

The subject line was Zoom Meeting with nothing in the body of the text to explain what it was about. Since you had also posted the gearing one which had a very long subject that was unrelated to the content, we got confused.
It looked like someone other than Al Nunley was posting random stuff. We therefore thought perhaps someone else was posting using your account.

I based my post on the assumption that anyone with a web cam would know what Zoom was. Would know about Zoom meetings. Apparently not. Sorry about that.
How is it possible for someone to use my account?

Its not that someone used the account, but because there was no title on the zoom meeting that you created, we did not understand that it was intended to just relax and talk about karting. Next time, try adding a title to the zoom meeting that way people know what the call is for. :wink: We know now, but at the time we didn’t

It would only be possible if someone stole your username and password.

And yes, everyone is aware of Zoom. However, you should still specify what the meeting is about so that people can determine wether it’s something they want to be a part of.

A zoom meeting could be about fomenting revolution or discussing EGT.

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Just stay off the sauce when posting :rofl::rofl:

No seriously, will there be a prize for most creative zoom background? I’ve seen some awesome ones, like the guy who did a video background in which he had a cup of tea brought to him during the meeting, by himself :joy:

Do you think all that information needs to be in the title line? “Zoom meeting” I would think that would be enough for someone who knows what it means. If you don’t know what it means, you probably don’t have a WebCam and you wouldn’t be interested anyway.