(Weekly) KartPulse Racer Videos Thread

Akchooly, that dull roar that’s constant in your footage is the ainflow over the mic. You too could use a baffle. If you have a hero9+the media mod helps a bit.

Here’s an amazon offered solution:

Ryan starts an academy


In which Tanguy battles fiercely and returns the favor, decisively. Lotta good battles in this race.


https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMYyREevP/ a cool video that took 3.5 hours to edit


Took advantage of the good weather, and got back out to Ceraland to break in cylinder/piston #2, and get a neck/arm workout in :grin:. This time I busted out my old helmet for the chin mount POV.

Last few laps of the day, and doing my best Norberg secret mychron impression:

Also had a “moment” during my first clockwise laps…too much front bias + bumpy braking zone + first heavy braking in this chassis = nearly dumping it off track:

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How are you finding getting fit for shifter? I’m feeling it from getting ready for rentals, even.

I’m feeling better than expected with it still being essentially “pre-season” for me still. Did about 100 laps yesterday and was definitely feeling it in my neck, and my neck & arms are a bit sore today. This chassis is easier on the arms for whatever reason, which I really like since there isn’t any sacrifice of front grip/transfer capabilities…it’s like halfway to power steering vs. some other chassis I’ve had.

I still have a long way to go to prepare for longer runs at more physical circuits… 18-minute main events at GoPro and Pitt Race are going to be challenging, borderline brutal haha

Here are a couple of heart rate graphs from yesterday. Not sure why the earlier session had a higher peak later in the run…

Well that’s quite reasonable. I recall seeing some shifter footage where the fellas HR hit 200 and stayed there until he crashed out a lap or two later.

I’m sure I’ll see that type of HR during a race scenario. Most practice days usually don’t go higher than 170-180 for me.

i need to get my apple watch turned on a workout before a race so i can keep a better eye on my HR during a race. Im curious now.

Started A Main 9th /9
Picked up a few spots. Decided to be nice after I slightly nudged the 7 out of the way and cost me two spots.

Oh goody. I watched quali2 and it was epic. Man you pushed hard.

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How to - Rebuild Tillotson hw-27a x30 carb - YouTube new video on youtube check it out❤️‍🔥

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Welcome onboard a 10min practice session.

Got the whole track for myself, perfect to just pound some laps and get into the groove. Wonderful feeling!

Unfortunately the guy who passed me on the outlap crashed out, not to uncommon to crash in that corner if you are to eager before temps gone up. Luckily he was ok😁



A small guide on tire preassures! Maby give me some feedback im not really a expert in this subjekt but i tried!

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Got to learn my local track in the opposite direction and slightly different layout than I am used to! Crazy how much a track changes when you just turn around! Started to feel more comfortable with the track as the day progressed. Turn 1 is the heaviest braked corner I have driven, so I focused a lot of my energy on trying to dial that in. I felt like I gained a lot of confidence on brake application and pressure. I was really able to feel where the tires were right on the limit and if pushed passed that limit, just easing a bit off the pedal instead of fully locking up. I re-read the chapter on braking in Dove’s book which helped.

Where I think I need to continue to improve is coming off the brakes into the corner. I was catching myself leaving the brake down too long and thereby not carrying enough speed into the corner. I feel like I nailed it a couple times enough to feel what that corner should feel like. Now I just need to find that feeling more consistently. I was also struggling a bit with alignment all day. I don’t have snipers yet and its really difficult to get the toe right with toe plates and a measuring tape. Hopefully I can pick up a set of snipers here soon.

As always, I love feedback if anyone has some! Always looking to improve!

Overall your lines looked good. Through turn 1 it looked good, try to push the brake zone a bit more next time you practice. Going through 2 and 3 with new track is a bit tricky, but it gets easier as you drive it. Try some wider approaches and try some different turning movements, in traffic you will especially notice that almost no one takes the exact same line or approach to that corner. Turn 3 you want to try to hit the kerb as close to the inside as you can. Turn (4/5?) going onto the back straight generally has 2 approaches, 1 is to take it the same way as turn 3 and hop over the kerb to get a better line, the other is to avoid the kerb to keep the handling consistent, either works so do whichever you are most comfortable with. Turn 6 at the end of the back straight is around the same with every approach, hit the inside kerb and keep the kart in the middle of the track to set up for 7 and the approach to 8. It directly affects your speed until turn 1, so overdriving it will definitely give some mixed results. It can be faster if you time it right but generally it works around twice a session if you get lucky. Turn 8 should be a quick tap on the brakes with full throttle, but depending on your approach it can change slightly. The final 2 corners are fairly straightforward, just the reverse of the usual direction.

This is just a general overview of the CW New Track configuration for 206. The one specific piece of feedback I have is to push the brakes harder, T1 and the back straight are difficult, but finding the right points will help your overall speed immensely once you get them consistently.

Hopefully this makes sense to you, its difficult to describe everything on the clockwise track because of the turn numbering.

Hey man, thanks for the tips! I definitely feel what you are saying about turn 1. I was watching some other really fast guys (Jeff Lewis) and it seemed like he brakes early and then gets on the gas early instead of carrying the max amount of speed through that corner. Seems like it sets you up for T2 and T3 a bit better. Turn 4/5 was definitely a challenge for me all day. I just felt like I could not find the best sequence of line, brake, steering input and throttle out. What I was seeing on my video is that perhaps you don’t need to go as wide on entry into turn 4 as this basically makes turn 5 a bit more tight. Instead, it seems like you can basically come at turn 4 a bit straight on from mid track and like you said, skip over the curb slightly, to open up turn 5. I think I got it a couple times that day, but I am definitely working on that one.

Man, the back “esses” are so much harder clockwise than CCW haha! I was lifting slightly into turn 6 sometimes and flat others. I think I should stay flat there if I can without compromising turn 7. Turn 7, I was lifting slightly which I think is correct so you don’t go too deep on exit and have to rush to the outside for turn 8. Turn 8 is tricky for sure! I never considered a quick brake tap with the throttle down. I’ll try that next time!

My best lap was a 47.87 which I am pretty happy with on my first day of this layout. Looks like that would have qualified P4 last year. However, I am still 0.6 or so off of Jeff’s pace.