(Weekly) KartPulse Racer Videos Thread

Rather massive gap back up around 2:25. Nit sure how the separation happened in first place. Somehow they got like 20 kart lengths but you got back to them. Bummer about 3rd but seems like you may have gotten run a bit wide?

I think Saturdays separation was due to the top3 hooking up before I got to their bumpers. Sundays was from the contact ahead of me which separated us from the top group.

Not sure exactly where you are referring to getting run wide I did the door open for the #40 on the last lap. (I thought I’d catch the two infront of me if I didn’t go defensive)

Oh when that guy comes up under you and grabs 4th at end. Can’t see behind but it looks like you were forced wide of apex. Race 10 5:23

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I see now. I think I just flat out left the door open. I did have to steer out of it when he came under. But that’s one the most common passing spots here and that line he took was actually really fast that day. #40 was who I was battling with for 3rd so my championship chances were slim to none with him behind behind me the entire race mostly, I thought if he kept pushing me on we’d get there at the end!

It was like 43F for most of the day with some cold winds

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Brrrrrr! I’m glad I race indoors now! Getting chilly!

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Yeah it was super cold. I ran 21psi in rear for qualifying

you should se sweden rn… - 5 degrees during night and like 9 degrees during day. I littarly need to have a cute jaccket on my x30 and i dont even need the cooler

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Wait, we can play dress up with our x30s?

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Yup! I will get mine a nice dog hoodie​:face_exhaling::rofl: anyways. I film theese useless videos that no one wants to watch; https://youtu.be/JYqxmltbnR8?feature=shared

Those are good videos. The problem may be tik tok.

I would challenge you to start a YouTube channel called Awa Wrenches or something and post these as YouTube shorts (60s or less).

The shorts are actively promoted and you will get a lot of views, I bet.

Stuff that’s longer post as normal video but that is less promoted.

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On tiktok i get decent views… like 1500 to 5000 normaly and around 500 likes. If i post a good one with tyre pressure i had 25k views and 11k likes. But i dont get any views on yt

Try shorts…
Here’s a spike in my views from a short:

But i posted it as a short… so idk why

Maby you notixed my new miluakee ugga dugga. My brother got it for me when i got an A on my exam

Hmm. Algo may have ignored it. Sometimes that happens. I have had some that just get ignored but others zoom to 1k plus in a few minutes.

I get a lot less views than you though and have only about 270 subs. But it’s growing quickly with the supercharged stuff.

Hey that’s really cool! How old is your bro? Does he kart or race in general?

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He is acually 24… he works with dad and he is a racing mechanic part time. This sunday we go alone to the track beacuse dad has something to do

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That’s awesome! I bet it’s really cool having a big bro who not only can race but also can wrench. Fun!

I am a bit jelly of all the tech stuff you have learned. I suppose it’s helpful to have a mechanical family with a garage, tools, and experience. My Dad is a theoretical physicist who basically spent his youth doing complicated math and never learned that mechanical, practical stuff. Mom was a teacher and a demon of tennis (she was so talented but grew up poor). So, it’s all Greek to me, alas. It seems really nice being able to fix and maintain your engines!

Im reall5 greatfull for my whole family… I love them alot! Many i was really lucky i guess🐧

A story:
Dad was born in poland. He hated it there. He had cousins in sweden and he moved when he was 16… he csme to sweden with 1 bag and 200euro. Je lived with his cousins 4 years. He started a mechanic shop. Later he moved to mechanic shop (idk the word) fixing metal damadge on cars painting etc. We have some of his really nice tools left. Anyways he had a shop for 3 years and then he had a cleaning buisnes. Later he meet mom and they wanted to start a own company. So around year 2001 they started with a wood company. It went well until it colapsed (idk why) 2007 dad started a house building company 2014 networth 2 million euro. He decided to stop building houses beacuse he didnt like to talk to clients etc. Started a company 2017. Middle man type of thing. He takes walls from a dealer and build a house like lego. With robots. And now here i donr want to brag but around 4 mil networth. I think its hell of a job to go from 200 euro to mil 4 in networth


Me and my engine builder have a fun game! Ofcourse he has like 40 years more experience then me. So his engines are rockets. When i leave it for a reabuild i make it as clean as possible littarly screw apart the whole shit and he laughs. He showed me a pic of a enigne covered with chainoil inside the engine or sum shit. A guy used chain oil as 2 stoke oil

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