(Weekly) KartPulse Racer Videos Thread

That would make a pretty cool wall decoration

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thats a fantastic and dream and full of freedom karting category . We are still in our single speed years here as a team but as i see me in the future , when we reach the point of shifter karts as a drivers , then my mechanic side of my soul will for sure kick in and buy me a bloody worn superKart chassis ,

This class  and a lot more from this Sport is what makes me Rise with ease out of bed every morning  . 

cheers mate .

Made my second ever podium and ended P2 after a rough heat that had me starting P5.


Speaking of cool wall decorations; 1977 Long Beach James Hunt gets launched (or launches himself) over John Watson’s Brabham Alfa lap 1 turn 1.

All the teams were pitted next to each other in a giant building… like literally separated by folding tables and cords. Anyway, the “paddock” was open to anyone after the race, so I was just walking around watching the teams loading up all of the cars and equipment. Well, apparently, when Hunt flew over Watson’s car, one of the wheels broke off the last 3 or so inches of the windscreen where it comes to a point next to the driver, as seen in this picture of Hans Stuck’s car

Anyway, so I’m standing next to a trash can, and a brabham mechanic brings over the windscreen (with the tiny little bit missing off the tip), and dumps it in the trash can next to me. So as soon as he turned around, I snatched it out and took off. :grin: I’m not sure what ever happened to that thing.

Man F1 used to be awesome!

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Oohh warren , you are so lucky that you get to see live all those heroes and that racing era !!

A diffirent world from ours now !

For sure I feel so fortunate!! And it was a family thing; my parents were corner marshals, I worked fire control, and my sister worked in timing/scoring for almost all of the pro and amateur races on the west coast (Laguna Seca, Sears Point, Riverside, Willow Springs, Long Beach, Las Vegas). And because we were working, we were on the fun side of the spectator fences. :grin:

Plus I also got to see the 500cc bikes (Freddy Spencer, Kenny Roberts, Eddy Lawson, Wayne Rainey, Randy Mamola, etc.) ripping around the original (bring a pair of balls) version of Laguna Seca. I actually watched Eddy Lawson crash at what would eventually become “Rainey Curve”. :flushed: :rofl:

I need a time machine! @KartingIsLife, can I book a trip on your dyno/time machine? :pray:

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My grandpa has some cool stuff wish I had on my wall!

Also have one of these cool piece of history

Hasn’t been touched in probably 25+ years definitely needs cleaning


Awkward Michael J Fox GIF by Back to the Future Trilogy

i will work in that project with you if you are getting started !!

lets go and see the 500 class 2 stroke gp motos first !!


Christian, that was a really well run race. Fantastic patience early. Then you settled in and ran some good flyers mid race. Ending with a little tricky race craft to secure 2nd place. Awesome job! Your ability to turn under people onto the back stretch was very impressive!

Our most recent race. It was a close one!


Fun race to watch!
After you got the lead (with 2 laps to go?), were you trying to carry more entry speed to defend against 64’s heavily corner entry speed focused approach displayed during the whole race?

Heres my latest trip to new castle. Any tips would be appreciated. I added a 15 degree spacer to the steering wheel and it really helped with arm fatigue

Did this to mine last year and I agree feels way nicer to drive for me as well. Hand positioning body position etc

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It’s my son driving so I can only relay his impressions (he’s way better than I ever was). The surface is not that grippy and both karts were doing some slipping around. There are several videos from that race on our SWK playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLQ9xemIKHz1j5eCUY-4CF39aU9hC6_lL
A chance to see thing from another viewpoint!

@Muskabeatz has shifter experience at NCMP so he might help more, but you are turning in too early, not using the whole track, and pretty late to throttle in most corners. Like at 11:06 going into Scoreboard you are probably 10 feet from the outside edge of the track. And then on the exit you aren’t even close to the run-off curbing. Looks like that sort of thing is happening in almost every corner.

Your arms probably would be less fatigued if you used more of the track and didn’t turn tighter than necessary. :wink:

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@jsipplracing I saw you on track that day and wanted to come say hey, but had some stuff to knock out in the garage.

Something that stuck out was the bucking you were experiencing. I noticed it nearly every lap in the scoreboard corner. Are you running an additional throttle return spring? Stiffening up the pedal can sometimes help. Otherwise you may double check your jetting, as being excessively rich on the bottom end can cause this issue too.

As for driving tips, I see a few opportunities in conjuction with what TJ touched on:

  1. Drive “father ahead”- it seems like your vision and reactions are based on what’s happening right in front of you. Understandable early in the season, but I would be deliberate about trying to take your line of vision farther up the track.

  2. Use all of the road, especially on exit. Scoreboard is another good example, as TJ mentioned. It’s common to sacrifice 5-10 feet on driver’s left as you approach the corner, as you’ll get more benefit from letting the kart unwind and roll more speed before the kink that precedes scoreboard. However, on exit it’s imperative that you use all of the paved surface, and even some of the rumble strips, as it will allow you to deliver more power earlier and still stay on track.

  3. Work on roll speed and conserving momentum. Corner exit is king in shifter, but you must also make it TO the exit with a high roll speed in order to be fast. It can be easy to overslow in the fast corners due to the four wheel brakes, so practice using LESS brake in areas like T2-T4.

  4. Initiate rotation sooner and quicker, so as to maximize the capability of the tire throughout the entire corner. You’re gradually feeding wheel, and it gets to the point where you’re playing catch up in the middle of many corners, causing a self-induced “push-kick”. I see this even with fairly experienced drivers. It’s about finding that balance between smooth inputs and maximum tire utilization.

Let me know if you’d want to arrange a coaching day out at NCMP sometime. A normal day of coaching consists of lead/follow, video analysis, data overlay and analysis, and end-of-day beer for those whole qualify lol

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Im definitely interested in a day of coaching. I think that could really help me. Im going to read up on all this and apply it to my trip to NCMP this weekend and probably repost that video once its uploaded.

@Muskabeatz did you happen to have your gopro running when you raced this exact layout last weekend? Id be interested to see you drive it and see what youre talking about so i can apply it to my own deal.

I wish I did, but I didn’t have the GoPro there with me. Need to get a new case and new battery and then I’ll be back in action.

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