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TJ says they only made 20. I think it will cost a lot more than 4 years at an Ivy.

" A pristine example of the street-legal exotic with extra-low mileage is currently offered for sale in Japan, for an eye-watering price of €10,550,000 ($12,263,584) before taxes ."

However this won’t really be driven. :frowning:

So the purple helmet has slicks on?

Pretty iffy to place yourself 3-wide in the middle, on the outside of a kart on slicks in the wet. You placed yourself in a pretty precarious position, relying 100% on the lead kart to concede early and not lose control. Lots of trust placed in them, and in this case, misplaced in them. It ultimately worked out, as everyone made it through, but that was fairly heavy side-to-side rubbing with the Race Factory kart, could’ve easily ended up in the grass there.

You were boxed in so there weren’t a lot of options, but the route you took was certainly the riskier choice. With your tire advantage on the lead kart, it might’ve been a better, safer, and more efficient option to follow them into T1 and when they slipped wide (inevitably into the Race Factory kart on the outside), you could’ve slipped to the inside on the exit of the corner pretty easily.

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Yes. Not sure how but everyone EXCEPT the pole sitter got a good start and my instinct put me in the middle of 3 wide.

Yes I would say 12 out of the 18 karts went with rain tires. It was really just starting to sprinkle about 15 minutes before our race but most of us banked on it getting worse where others stayed on slicks.

In hindsight, that definitely was the correct approach and I did consider it while waiting on the grid. But I will admit my prediction of what purple helmet was going to do was way off.

Real quick video of today’s practice highlights.


Im watching this in my rig, with the subwoofer and audio system going. Its rather chill.

This is what im chasing in sim, every night, and sometimes finding it too. I wish we could do this every day.

2:17 :heart: this rotation

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On our way to race with Elias at Club Motorsports in NH.

This is a proper trip, distance wise. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The facility seems lovely:

Kart track:

Here goes Elias:

Good luck to you guys! :+1:
That Club Motorsports facility photo is nice; looks like a poster. :grin:

Post racing videos. :slight_smile:

fun race from what was orver all a poor weekend. and before @jd896 asks i did have my numbers on all 4 panels


Looking good! Great drive sometimes the best races are when you gotta fight from the back. My only comment is you do what I do into T5. After the chicane you start to fade in and early apex. Sometimes you’re turning twice, once to initiate a the turn and once again at or just after apex. Try to kiss the backside of that curb and track all the way out.

Also In the double rights try to track right out to the rubble strip and open up that corner. The times you nailed it you came out of there like a rocket.

All minor things, (and I’m not an expert just things that helped me) you really looked like you were on rails. Makes me miss turning laps there.

The Six Hours of New England at Club Motorsport

A Slow Burn with a Big Finish

Nick and I drove up to gorgeous New Hampshire this past weekend to compete in the Endurance Karting 6 hour race. We raced with young master @E13 of the Beacon Hill Shirley’s who met us there.

The race was at a private automobile club called Club Motorsport in a little town called Tamworth which appears to be a launching off point for a state park. It’s quite bucolic and the track itself is lovely, reminiscent of OVRP, scenery-wise.

The circuit was on the shorter side and was the kind that circles in on itself sorta like GoPro, but simpler. It was a very challenging track in that the turns would fool you into pushing too hard on entry. It took some laps to get the hang of things and even then, I suspect I could improve from here.


We got a paid practice session in at 8:30 to get familiar with the track and then got another opportunity to practice in the 50 minute practice session/qualifier. I did the qualifier for team Three Men and a Margay and did rather poorly, placing 10th in a very tight grid. This was partially due to overdriving corners but also due to a slow kart. Fortunately, we would switch twice more over the course of the race and get better machines.

Despite our lousy first kart, Elias managed a terrific start. He jumped from 10th to 5th, quickly, but, the lack of top end dropped us back down to 8th or 9th, which we got stuck in for the duration of this kart.

Somewhere along the way, to compound our challenge, Nick got black flagged for hitting a cone on the blend line. Oops. So, our first sessions had some difficulties, but we persevered.

Our next kart at the 5th driver change was an improvement and we started to post sub-40s laptimes, which had eluded us in the pokey one. And, we got better.

By our third kart, (switch 10), I think we all were feeling pretty comfortable with our driving and the kart was on pace. In my final session I landed a 39.40, my fastest lap, which suggests that had the kart lottery been a bit different, we might have been on podium.

I haven’t seen Elias’s or Nick’s footage yet but the final two sessions of mine were excellent. I had many terrific battles but the last two sessions were special in that they were essentially me hunting a kart down over many laps (with someone on my butt hunting me down, too). It felt like intense, careful, technical driving, trying to eek a little more grip, to get a little better throttle than the other guy. Inch by inch kind of driving, with explosions of activity as we come upon traffic. Good stuff!

Here’s the closing two laps as kart 83, who I had been battling all session come upon our final obstacle to the finish. We both clear him in the final turns of the white flag lap. It was an epic finish and I couldn’t have done any better, I don’t think.

We ended up 4th overall which was a very nice finish considering our first third of the race! Elias drove well and was pleasure to hang out with. He apparently hasn’t been in a kart in about a year and a half so he expressed fatigue afterwards, unsurprisingly. So did we all! We did manage to drag ourselves out to a nice brewhouse/burger place to celebrate. I found Tamworth really easy as a race location: the Motel 6 was 4 mins from the track with a rustic 7/11 across the street as well as a popular restaurant or 3 nearby. Super convenient.

Ultimately we had a great race! The weather worked out, too. It was cool and for overcast as we went along. The rain started falling after the race, during podium ceremony, so we all lucked out.

Thanks to @Chris_McCoy and the gang as well as thanks to Club Motorsports for hosting us. It was epic and I highly recommend the series and the track.


I really need to do one of these enduros! That looks like such a nice facility and track. My only concern is exactly what you mentioned.

It’s going to be pure luck on getting a good kart and my hyper competitiveness would not be happy getting stuck in inferior equipment.

Also sweet overlay. Where did you get it?

My best in practice was a 40.5, so I think you were still the best man to go out

I really wanted to blame the kart, so imagine the relief I felt when we dropped .5 with the next kart.
The start was fun, didn’t quite get on the gas as early as I would’ve liked but I think I did well.

I’m guessing it was a pointed flag, as it ended up counting towards our stops. Which ended up making me do a double stint at the end, which was a physical beating. I really need some new gloves too, after 4 years mine have lost their grip, which meant I really had to squeeze to turn.
I put in a 39.68 for my best, but after watching some footage and watching other drivers lines I think there were some pretty obvious spots for me to improve. The karts were a welcome challenge to drive, with enough power and grip to keep things interesting.
Currently downloading my footage, should have it out around Friday, as I work 8-9 most days this week and won’t have time to go through the footage.
I had plenty of fun battles, and passing was just the perfect balance of difficulty and ease. I never quite had a back and forth battle, but I did get plenty of passes in, including several ones im proud of.
I was quickly reminded over the race day that karting muscles are very specific, and just because you’re fit doesn’t mean you’re karting fit. I wasn’t in pain but I certainly felt some fatigue set in during the end of my double stint.
I think I did alright for not having been in a kart for about a year.
I’m not quite sure how we ended up 4th but it was a big improvement from the start of the day. We didn’t bring any shame upon KP by getting beaten by a rookie team fortunately.
Overall everything was a ton of fun. Our strategy worked out well, we slowly found pace, and made up a lot of time over 6 hours, completing just under 500 laps.
Huge thanks to @Bimodal_Rocket for the invite, and @Chris_McCoy for setting up an amazing event, which ran really smoothly.
Hope we can do it again sometime


It’s not that big of a deal in that it’s so consistent (in-consistency in a fleet) that you come to expect that it’s a 50-50 proposition. Also, you use ultimately 3 karts so you don’t get stuck with a bad one for too long. Once you find your pace in the kart, there are people to race.

The quali times ranged from 40.6 to 39.4. We came in at 40.1 so it was not that huge a spread. These are also new karts, so pretty close overall. Also, you get your moneys worth fighting 10-4th!


That’s from race render. It has a bunch of different widgets you can use to display the telemetry data. The Gopro produces a file that can be read by racerender that shows speed, gps, laps.

Where are you located? I’ll likely do more and will keep posting about LFM.

Yeah, I think that was ultimately helpful in that it made us have an easier finish, organizationally. We ended up going to three 1/2 hr final heats with mine being last. We didn’t have to squeeze a kart change in with pits closing 15 mins before the finish.

Lmk when you have footage!

The issue is that it is a brand new fleet, and they still have those inconsistencies

We missed you out there, @tankyx

I think you would have liked this track as it felt very technical to me. The karts were good, btw. I wasn’t too stressed and it worked out OK in the end.

Good luck this weekend!!!

Yes the facility looks nice, maybe a bit too wide for 9hp, but you were able to build some speed at least

The width actually made for great racing. You could pass pretty much anywhere on the course!

Nice I’m going to have to check that out!

I’m out West in Phoenix. There was a enduro race in the Feburary time frame this year if I recall. I think you had to bring your own kart.