(Weekly) KartPulse Racer Videos Thread

Gloves don’t match the suit. 0/10

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To be fair you couldnt have expected 421 to randomly lose speed right as you were sending on the other guy. You did what you could.

Looks speedy! Is that in Northern California? I have an odd urge to eat goat cheese and drink a pinot noir when I see that scenery and sky.

This is my heat race for the second day of Padholder Super Cup at Medford. Qualified 1st but top 4 inverted for the heat race.

Medford, so almost California.

You first… how do you judge the lap? And how did you qualify? :grin:

It looked really good to me. I like your very deliberate and precise management of rotation, especially in the low speed turn, where it looks like you are using excellent throttle application timing and technique to check rotation so you are able to drive ‘straight’ out of the turns without over rotating and scrubbing speed by hanging the back end out too much.

The only place where it looked like you could try something different is that double right-hander about 1/2 around the lap, where the track is all chewed up and/or off camber right where loads peak between the 1st, and 2nd apex. That looks like it really upsets the kart, and potentially impacts your ability to get back to throttle because you are dealing with at least two big waves of oversteer.

Two things I would try are:

  1. Giving up a little speed from the first apex out to the bad track to reduce load on the outside rear tire (or maybe less speed there would allow you to stay off of the gnarly piece of track altogether. That might allow you to manage the entry to the 2nd apex with less oversteer drama, and get back to throttle sooner.

  2. Maybe try just a little drag on the brake as you get to the problem piece of track, to try and ‘lock down’ the back end just momentarily, so there is not such a huge wave of rotational energy created by the outside rear tire losing traction. Again, hopefully this would settle down then entry to the 2nd apex, and might let you get back to throttle sooner and/or harder.

That said, I’m not saying either of those ideas is better than what you’re doing ( in a likelihood you’re probably extracting everything available from that piece of track), but it might be interesting just to try it out in practice. :+1:

Yes, i was first in qualifiying by over 9 tenths. So not too bad.

You’ve identified the corner i had the most issues with with but i did work it out by the end of Day 1. This was the beginning of day 1. I’m guessing it was also right around peak power so the throttle control was quite challenging at that point too. I went with option 2 though.

Wow on pole by almost a second… NICE!
Now if you can workout that glove problem, you’ll be golden. :rofl:

Pace doesn’t help if your chain falls off in the final on the first day and your piston cracks in the final on the second day :sob:

Damn, that sucks… sorry to hear that.
On the other hand, reliability doesn’t matter if you’re slow. :wink:

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Shameless plug for TKC race at NJMP on July 9:

Liberator layout which is kinda like an oval on the rentals. Very fun!

Well, it’s been a minute since I had a video really worthy of sharing here…

Wasn’t going to run 206 this night and loaned all my stuff out, so I hijacked someone’s MGM for the first time for the night and threw my seat in it.

16 karts, started last due to missing the heat race while replacing crash damage from another heat race…

Any clue why the image got washed out?

It seems like there is reflective glass in front of lens? I’m seeing the lights reflected.

This is a very narrow track! It looked to me like you had 24 hands down but the width of track did not allow you to close the door. Pass at 1:40 however.

At around 2mins when you get open track you start to flow really well and the engine seems happy running wot. The bank looks amazing and the run out looked v strong.

3:30 you’ve been using the empty track well. You just caught the pack ahead. One fell off, though. Nice avoid.

4:08 can kind of see this coming in vid. Wonder if you got a bit target fixated on the two ahead.

4:37 pass in/on exit of bank. Nice.

5:08 same again, but next guy.

5:43 This kart is rolling well for you. I think you should buy it. Game on, here. Another one down, actually almost 3 in one go! But no worries, you take the next guy between there and the bank.

6:18 Kart 65 chirps then drops a wheel, ahead. The track is yours, Sir? No, it is not. The fun is just getting started!

7:25 65 wrestles it down to apex but you go wiiiide! Noooooooo! 911 comes on by.

10:24 caught back up to them and possibly some lapped traffic.

10:50 excellent braking, gap up, and pass of 511.

11:07 excellent push of 65 past 911 and door close.

The rest is a really great battle with 65 to the finish! Really excellent drive imho!

That kart seemed to like you. It was very hooked up and not at all squeaky.

My GoPro settings suck and I had to brighten it in the video software.

There’s a crack on the lense protector that was catching the light.

That might be whats reflecting light back and giving it that washed out look, maybe.

Hopefully its as simple as replacing this

It is possible that the default low light setting ISO is set to 1600. You can take this up to 6400 per interwebs.

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That’s sounds straight out of an FA handbook :joy:

This isn’t that spectacular but man it was a great feeling air. I got all 4 wheels off but landed it perfectly.

Canada Cup 2022 Briggs Masters

I’m loving the lap delta widget. Pretty intense battling. The Tony kart fella sure is sparky:

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It’s not a video but this seems like the right spot.

Marco did a thing to promote his series which I thought was very clever:

That’s one way to get karts out there in front of people who might not have a clue and might be curious. Ding 1500.