(Weekly) KartPulse Racer Videos Thread

Marco is a good promoter. I’m considering handing out freeze pops at parades to promote the ice track :joy:


Seems like a wasted opportunity to run a kart on the open road! LOL!

There’s a ramp that launches over the back fence. As an Easter egg, you can then drive to Melbourne.

Debating if I should post this or not. And yes, my knees taste great, thanks for asking


Pulled the stick on lens protector off and change the ISO settings. Newest Masters/Heavy race here:

Now we are cooking with gas! Much prettier!

Guess who signed up for the 6hr solo?

Anyone wanna pit crew? I’ll provide cookies and $. I will need help, ideally. I can see if one of the TKC yoots is available.

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I’m sorry did you say 6 hrs solo?! Wish I was closer would like to try an enduro at some point.

Yup. I did 3 at etown and was fine. Let’s see how 6 goes. The NJMP rental loop is pretty low Intensity so won’t be very demanding.

I now have an excuse to sim 6hrs at a time. Had a pretty good 200 lap session yesterday.

Out of curiousity, what ISO did you change it to for max? Looks way better now

Went all the way to 6400


Video from my first ever race at New Castle. Special guest appearances from Stahl Racing and the cats from Beyond the Karts.


The spot where Tad passes looks to me just like you were watching Tad and missed your turn in. Doesn’t look like it needs a particularly late apex.

That’s one of my bucket list tracks. 1hr 45 is like me going to OVRP. A bit jelly.

Have you ever seen spindle snap in half mid corner?

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That’s definitely what I did. I’m probably going to put a few more New Castle races in the schedule, at least one before the Grands. I’d like to get practiced enough where I can determine if a chassis adjustment is beneficial or not. Only adjustment I made was pulling out my front torsion bar, but as I mentioned in the video, my lap times improved most likely because I learned the track.


How does something like this compare to your efforts?

Sorry for location, did not want to mess with build thread.

Also, please tell me you invented the Hall sensor used in brakes.

Not mid corner, but I did have one shear off at about 90MPH… I’ll see if I can find the pics…

About 1/8th mile after it happened. I was just about to grab 6th and all of a sudden thing went pear shaped. I might have video too. If I recall correctly, the rotor exploded, jammed the caliper and sheared the sub axle clean off.

I ended up in the weeds at the first turn with little steering and brakes.

I applaud your consistent arm up signaling. Looks like you were arms up until you plowed into forest.

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Grand Masters Heat 2 race action. Led most of it but the other guys were right on my butt. I was pushed slightly past my turn in point, 3 turns from the end, maybe only a foot. I took the conventional line and Mike took the shorter line and got inside of me on the sweeper and that was it. My move should have been to take the shorter defensive line.