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Our mission at KartPulse is to create an excellent resource for kart racing. We are commited to building a sorely needed place that connects the dots in a fragmented sport. A place that makes it easier to explore, get started in and enjoy Karting in all of its forms.
As a community we will create a platform that raises the profile and standard of karting on the web. A platform that supports helpful advice and meaningful discussion.

We often receive feedback that karting “needed good forums” again. We made a couple of attempts (as have others) but ultimately the timing, platform and circumstances just weren’t right. With how convenient and pervasive social media had become, folks seemed happy enough to engage on FaceBook, making the concession that there was no structure to the conversation and they were seemed willing to let all their hard work disappear.

Now, almost three years later, the momentum has shifted. People are tired of their discussions getting lost in the vastness of FaceBook, not to mention the noise of non-karting related stuff in newsfeed.

So, we built this forum for you, for us, for Karting.

However, forums and community go way beyond just setting up a website. It takes a long term commitment from the founders and the members to make it all work.


So far I like this forum platform over your last one. Let’s kick the tires and grow karting in a positive direction.


Thanks for reading… It was kinda a stream of consciousness. I have to clean this up and the community guidelines (Which we’re going to keep short and sweet). Note to self, having this and an introduce yourself topic is redundant.

Yeah the old forums we’re just simply not good enough by any metric, so the concession I had to make was to start with a different platform and even software that’s separate from the main website (Investigating how a link might work now) but I think it’s worth it.

It’s based on Discourse, which is about re-imagining how discussions online happen against the backdrop of the modern web. Software is 1/10 of the job of building a community, but on the other hand a crappy platform can kill things from the getgo.

@Norcal_Karters feel free to invite folks that you think would be good people to help seed the community. People like ourselves that are interested in moving things forward in the sport and/or just like to help others out.
We’ll start with this small group of folks, then in a couple of weeks we’ll extend things out some, and we’re going to start talking more and more about it on Facebook.

My name is John Toledo . Been Karting since 1957 off & on . Returning from Vietnam (1970 ) My first purchase was a B Reed which I raced in Ga. & Fl… My question is ,having an 99 CRG Storm Shifter with a mid 80’s Kawasaki 125 . Are we eligible for any antique Kart associations ???

Hey John, we have some fellas that run around on vintage stuff. Welcome.

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Is there a place on this site to list and sell a kart? Thank you

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I think you can just create a post and list whatever your trying to sell. I don’t know what your trying to sell, maybe you also try posting on ekarting or bobs 4 cycle. Those are other forums that way work

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Hey Richard, it’s been a topic of discussion every now and then, but we don’t have a classified section perse. You’re welcome to post under the general category though.

New here. I picked up an Intrepid cart with a Mcgee yamaha engine. I live in Dallas TX and can’t find anyone to work on it. Any suggestions?

Dallas Karting Center is fabulous and also expanding as we speak.

Hi Ryan,

Welcome to the forum and to Karting. I am in Dallas too. Mike Jones at Dallas Karting Complex (DKC) will likely know someone that can work on your Yamaha. Its a KT100 I assume? You can also try the North Texas Karters (NTK) facebok page. A lot of the older members are familiar with them. Do you have plans for Racing or just recreational? As for Racing, the KT100 is not really used around here anymore. Most have moved to either the Rok VLR 100 or the IAME KA 100. Both offer lower operating and maintenance costs with the VLR being favored in the Junior Class and the KA favored in the Senior Class.

If you are completely new to the sport, I may suggest moving to the Briggs LO206 class. It is a 4 stroke engine with super low operating costs and has very large fields at NTK. You can use your chassis with an axle keyed for an inboard sprocket (chain runs inside the frames side rails versus outside like the KT100).

Good luck and let us know if you have any questions.

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Thanks soo mich for the information! Not sure what the goals are honestly. Bought it for $100 and am weighing my options. I will definenreach out to them. Again your highly appreciated!

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