What are your 2017 racing plans?

(Francis Wilson) #1

With my first planned race of 2017 just over a month away at NCMP for the Route 66 Sprint Series, I was curious what everyone on here is planning for their seasons. What series/events and classes are you all planning on running this year?

I will be running the Route 66 Sprint Series in Yamaha 100 Senior, in addition to as many races at East Lansing Kart Track as I can that are not in conflict. I am also seriously thinking about giving a street race a try for the first time for the Commercial Point Karting Classic in OH.

I’m curious to hear what everyone else’s plans are. Maybe we will be at some of the same events.

(TJ Koyen) #2

Driving KA100 in USPKS, wrenching and driver coaching at Route 66 events for Innovative Performance.

(Francis Wilson) #3

I’m curious to hear how the KA100 goes.

I’ll have to come introduce myself at Route 66. I’ve followed you through the chicane at GoPro around a Lap 1 wreck before but was so overwhelmed at my first national event, new track, some problems, and my first rain racing in a kart so didn’t interact much with other racers aside from my bubble with the Arens and DeLongs.

(James McMahon) #4

I plan to spend some time at the track with my daughter, otherwise nothing specific yet. A little 206 somewhere maybe. We’ll see. Whenever I go to work on the kart I tell myself I should go work on KartPulse instead :smile:

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #5

Haha. Well, see if I can actually have a season of karting where my engines don’t just totally explode :stuck_out_tongue:
Racing PRD Controlled this year, so we’ll see. :wink:

(mike kuper) #6

I am in the process of putting a new stock moto on my shifter. I plan of some club races and depending on my lap times and conditioning I may run the Colorado Sprint Championship

(Peter Zambos) #7

I’m doing Route 66 in Sr. Yamaha again, so I’ll see you there, Mr. Wilson. Apart from that, just hoping to maybe get some laps out at Badger, time permitting.

(Tyler Shepard) #8

Racing with www.o2schampionship.com and a couple select www.tckc.net races and hopefully a lot more much needed testing days/seat time.

(Aaron Hachmeister) #9

I’ll be running the Route 66 series, so I’ll see you there! Hopefully my graphics will be on by the in by the New Castle race, otherwise I’ll be racing my battle scarred vinyls from last year.

Aside from that, Mid-American Sprint Series is a fun littler group I race with for a couple of their races. I’ll also be running the club races at Badger Kart Club, and the Man Cup race there as well. I may be going to Road America for their club races when available as well.

I’ve also been thinking about asking if I could do a showcase at the IndyCar and/or IMSA SportsCar race weekends to get people interested in the sport. They have rental karts running there in the day, but maybe after they shut those down I’ll fire mine up, do a couple laps, and talk with the people afterwards.

I’ve also already run a testing session out at Michiana Raceway Park just yesterday with a couple friends, and that was pretty fun. I made the mistake of forgetting to flush the gas from my fuel tank, so I have to clean that engine out now, but thankfully the guys I came up with had a spare motor I was looking at buying anyways, so we threw that on and I had a blast. With a green track, used tires, and my first time there I think I did an okay job.

(Steve Pribyl) #10

Road Racing with Championship Enduro Series, AKRA, and Dart Kart Club. My drive will be in Animal Sprint Junior and Animal Enduro Junior classes. I will be slaving away in the pits trying to keep two karts running and a young drive healthy, fit, and focused.

(Steve Pribyl) #11

Aaron, We will be bringing our karts for display and the campsite contest for the Kohler Indy Race. Let me know if something comes together. The other weekend to do that is SCCA June sprint weekend, but we have racing plansthat weekend already.

(Aaron Hachmeister) #12

@spribyl I know a couple other karters that may be going to the race. Ideally we could get a bunch of karts that can go on track. I’ll be talking to people from Road America soon to see if I can get something organized. Ideally I could get the track Thursday Friday and Saturday nights but I’m not sure how viable that’s going to be. It’s all up to their planning and scheduling

(Francis Wilson) #13

Cool, I look forward to meeting you at New Castle. Should be fun for me getting out and hitting new tracks and running with new people.

(Francis Wilson) #14

I’ll see you there too!

(Aaron Hachmeister) #15

Ideally I’ll have my OTK Art Kart graphics in so you’ll definitely recognize the kart

(Emmanuel Baako) #16

Mostly a testing season for me. Focusing on helping 2 friends get started in karting. We’ll run a few of the club races here in Jacksonville in Lo206, and a couple of trips to Ocala and Bushnell.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #17

I hear you on the extra testing days @zipty842 -
Actually, if my year could just not be a dumpster fire, I’ll be happy :stuck_out_tongue: lol

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #18

More people who need Kartpulse shirts @KartingIsLife

(Don Westlie) #19

I’ll be head wrench for my sons racing. He will be running SR Medium in 206 Cup North and maybe a Central race or 2. Mixing in some Club racing at Badger and RA to stay fresh.

Looking forward to getting back out there with the real family and track family. Always a good time!

(Nik Goodfellow) #20

I was planning on working at the protour and supernats, maybe the rotax grand nationals if rotax still exists by then. But the whole getting into the US thing has made me a bit antsy and I think I might just skip the whole thing and help some local drivers at Greg Moore Raceway.

Maybe try do the CanAm race in masters.