What Chassis/ Engine Package Are You Going To Run In 2023?

I know I’ll still be in the same 2017 TB Kart S55/ LO206, but I’m still sitting on that blue printed X-30, so I may try to pick up a 2nd chassis in 2023.

Anyone else making moves in 2023?



Keeping my 2022 redspeed RXRR but putting a brand new KA100 on there

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206 for sure. Retired my Intrepid shifter chassis, was going to put a 300cc CFmoto engine on it, did not get the engine :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

so still looking for a used OTK 401/R/R for the 206.


Still on my old Birel S6 with X30. Maybe a newer 2nd hand chassis for 2024.

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Rentals with a chance of lo206.


Kart Republic KR1 with RoK shifter

I’ll race a Croc Promotions MC01 with an X30 next year. I have a CRG KT2 with a KA100 and an AK USA KZ01 shifter with an SSE 175 for sale.


HMG Maverick with TM KZ-R1 :smiling_imp:

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Hopefully find some time to get around to learning how to drive this thing during the winter. And whatever else I can get my hands on to complete my 50 states list haha


2020 Exprit with KA for fun practice days and coaching. No racing planned for 2023.


Curious about the 175 for sale…

I like my Intrepid 206 chassis.

Patiently waiting for my 2023 Tony to arrive and strap an x30 on.

Kiddo just got a 2022 Mini Kart Republic for his 60cc affairs.
And he will keep running his 2021 Kosmic in 206

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Where are you located

Minnesota, do not ask why I stayed here because I don’t know either.

You have the F4k? I like Intrepid chassis, not thei brakes, I think I have lost brakes on track more than handful now.

When I asked in the past… IIRA have been willing to carve out ice tracks for karts at their ice racing events… If you and a group wanted to go that way you could.

Otherwise I’d say come play on the ice at Stillwater in Jan, but usually when the track is closed I’m trying to sleep :smiley:

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My brakes have been absolutely solid without fail but I always have kart horizontal. I am in process of changing brakes on Intrepid but not because they don’t work, sinply theybare way to much brake for 206 and the weight is killing off corner acceleration.

Yeah, I guess to be fair, both brake system I have are probably ~10 years. The floating system I have tried, it will just overheat after 5,6 laps on a track with 1 hard braking and 2 light braking zone. The solid non magnet one I have is fine, but eventually it start to leak from the rear bleed port.

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Interesting, I though IIRA only host AutoX type event.

Yeah, let me know if the track is up and I can rip some laps.

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