What did you do to your kart today?

Re-threaded engine mount without removing it. Front clamp got damaged by running too low and stripped the threads out. Not really fancy work but gets me back to the track


I ordered a replacement spindle to replace the one that got bent last weekend. Those things are expensive. :flushed:

New axle and bearings for the kiddo. Axle is fine after a tangle. But scared me as nobody local stocks a PKT

Tapped one of my rims to larger bead screws. Tore one out in a wreck the other day. 4mm to 6mm

Just getting the sprocket on for the next event.

Note, engine offset which is where it has to be to keep weight balance,aero,polar momentum at best compromise Also, clutch hit/hole are from a clutch bolt that backed out but couldnt come off. #FatGuard

Also, Tech helped decide the refresh schedule on the engine.

I know a guy named Jack over at your builders shop…


Got Randy’s kosmic and my Arrow ready for Cup Karts at Shawano this weekend.

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Refresh on the valves

Ready for assembly

Hopefully thats enough to keep up Saturday!

That head is way better maintained than yours Derek

I thought blown head gaskets let them breathe better?!?!


@Ronald_Swift @Matt_Geist @fatboy1dh

You guys do maintenance? :grimacing:

Finally unloaded the van this morning and completely disassembled and cleaned my kart from the weekend and set it back to neutral setup.

Just kidding, I took it out of the van and stuffed it in the corner of my storage unit. I’m not ready to look at it yet, I need to time to grieve my result last weekend…

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It ain’t over until the fat lady sings, TJ.

I was thinking about this last night as I pondered the potential disgrace and embarassement of maybe not being able to finish a 6 hr solo in august heat…

What would happen if I lost a race?

Absolutely nothing. After I’m done hating myself, I’ll still be back out trying again.

Might be different for you being a former pro and all but your fans forgive you. :grinning:

I know I’m the only one who cares if I do well or not, I have a very high bar for myself in most things so it’s always a bummer when I don’t achieve what I was hoping to.

But I still wonder if I could make New Castle happen at the end of the year… then if I suck there I really gotta hang it up.

I don’t get these guys like Rosberg who go out on top. I wanna grind it out and bruise my ego as long as I can!

In the middle of a mid-season break and I am loving this time off! Miss the track but damn…2 kids and myself racing is A LOT! Took the karts off the stackers. We are having a party at the house this weekend so had to clean up the graphics so they can look good on display so I can talk about karting with people that really don’t want to listen to me talk about karting. —Some people just don’t realize that I don’t want to talk about much else other than racing and karting! LOL. I will break down karts next week then get ready for Tag Masters at Road America at the end of the month!

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Why? Seriously. Also, you cannot suck. You have 20+ years of experience. That is yours and you own it, mind and body.

It’s not a lot of fun for me to ride around in 25th place and not feel like I have a chance at a strong result.

Driving is fun in of itself, but if I’m going to spend a chunk of money and take time away from the family, I’d like to feel like I’m competing for a good finish. The joy of actual competition is far greater for me than simply the joy of driving.


Ah. I guess once you have tasted the top the rest is kinda pointless. Maybe later then. DKC Mike and Bonanno still seem to tear it up.

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This is absolutely true. My wife reminds me daily that she liked my Karting more “back when I sucked”. Once you taste victory, nothing else satisfies it. You work harder and take defeat harder.