What did you do to your kart today?

I drove a new cosmic at OKC and loved it. My first Tony ride I think. The Hubs look almost black in this picture but in the sun they probably pop! The purple looks very nice.

Yeah i cant seem to get a good picture of the purple rims lol.


With direct light your competition will be mesmerized by the glittering metal flake. Sunrise/sunset you will blind them with beauty.


Titanium studs…


Shook the cobwebs off. Last chance to turn some laps before the heat really sets in out here. Kart felt funky on the bottom end. Found a chipped reed. Gotta pull the head and hope it didn’t tear up the cylinder or piston when it went thru the motor.


Filterbox installed and had a lilttle work to adjusted perfect to the base of it . Also cleaning of the steel supports of the side pods and straightened them a bit . Waiting for new parts maybe this weekend to continue … also clean up the rear bumper and start working on repairs of the rear bumper bases , they need new rubbers inside


99% no problem, the ventronit reeds just pulverizes in the engine :grin:

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That’s what I’m hoping. Luckily it’s only a couple nuts and the whole cylinder comes off. Easy check just to be safe.

Better safe than sorry! You might discover other things instead that isn’t as it should be :grin:

Reviewing todays data and I pulled off a really impressive 5 lap streak of times with 3 laps within a thousands… I’ll take my “King of Consistency Trophy” for the day, please. :joy: I think the only reason lap 5 & 9 were a tad slow was from making a pass. Was hard to get clean uninterrupted laps today.



Realized I’ve been away for too long. I grabbed a set of R70’s for the 4T shifter, didn’t realize (or just plain forgot) that they are 6” wide.

Oh well, made it work :joy:


For that sweet slammed and stanced look.


Following up on the collecting other people’s rubber issue… Ran the Fremont track backwards yesterday (fun! My neck was not ready for that though) and had the same collection of other people’s rubber on the rears problem. A few deets: Margay Ignite, Masters @ 390 lbs, scaled at 396, track was pretty warm (sunny day, 73 degrees) 10 laps (I think), Hoosier R60A started the race at 12psi, 52" rear width, 30mm inside the wheel front spacing (it started hopping with 35mm). Kart seemed to handle well except for the single left hand hairpin where it was loose and seemed to slide, which makes sense given all the glop on the tire. That seemed cost time for the rest of the lap, which is all full throttle. None of the other karts in Masters had the kind of buildup I’m seeing, which happens regardless of track direction. Ran two practices of 6-7 laps, two 10 lap heats and a 12 lap feature, the pics are from after the feature. I’ll clean the rears again this week and see if there is any wear. Any thoughts as to what might be going on and what changes to the setup might help? No video yet Dom and TJ… got RIFed and no budget for that. :neutral_face:


Gonna be hard to tell without footage. This amount of build-up means one of two things. One when you come off the track you are picking up a bunch of marbles. Two you are running off the racing line and picking up marbles while driving around. Next time you go out look at your front tire while driving. If they are not cleaning up after a couple of laps you are not on the racing line and picking up excess rubber.

The left side looks like picking up marbles when leaving the track. The right side looks like you are off the racing line on left-hand turns.


I forgot to mention I did come in on the racing line and picked up the kart immediately after I rolled off the scales. The right side only goes to work in one left hand hairpin… all the other turns are to the right so it seems to collect the most rubber. My lines were reasonably close to what everyone else ran with occasional excursions offline. My last couple of laps were pretty good, I started catching the kart ahead of me but was still 1/3 to 1/2 lap back from the leader at the end. The left front looks like I would expect - it does all the work. A couple drivers asked whether the kart was loose (it wasn’t) since to them it looked like the tread was overheating. I couldn’t get tire pressures when I came off the track - the area around the scales was pretty congested and the tires had cooled.

Forbidden liquorice. :sunglasses:


Doing this will add up quickly. Next time you go out pay close attention to where you are in relation to the racing line and marbles on the track. Dipping your tires out there on a hot day with hot tires will immediately result in the build-up you see. You can either be too wide on the entry or exit to a left-hander or exiting too narrow on a right-hander resulting in the buildup you see. If the track config only has the single left hander you are going to have a hard time cleaning up the right side tires.

Where do you find these things, Dom? :laughing:

I make them. I Google kart tire and find pics. Then I Google liquorice. Then I go to my app and make great art :sunglasses:. it’s a little app called adobe express. Allows you to do photo editing and text stuff. Very easy to use.

I have a background in graphic design. I was the art director of Thrasher magazine and production manager for all of the publications of the company in the 1990s.

I have been involved I publishing as a professional and amateur since I was a kid (school papers, yearbooks, freelance etc). I started in the hot wax era and taught myself the digital process starting in the 80s when it was new. I am about 2-3 decades out of date now, though.

It was good fun though I ended up in banking when I needed to make a living.


Have you taken the x30 out yet? Thoughts, impressions?