What did you do to your kart today?

Spent the evening getting the garage somewhat organized to prepare for the winter projects …

This weekend I plan on tearing into the 206 and checking everything. I bought it used and abused, and i definitely abused it this year too, so we’ll see what she looks like.

Its going to be a busy winter bouncing between the two go karts


formula 1 eating GIF by Ayrton Senna

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That’s a zipppy looking Toyota mota waiting for its chance to play! :+1:

BTW, nice windshield shade! image :rofl:

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Lol thanks. Hopefully I get the time to swap it in this winter. Its the same motor so the job itself will be straight forward, but i want to clean up the engine bay while i have the space open.

And to follow-up from my previous post about tearing into the 206, I started that job tonight and did a leak test. Turns out she has plenttyyy of life left!

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This is what I did today:


Oooooo… yeeeaaahhh…
Thats a new sweet frame!
Well done matthew!

First shipment as a dealer for BirelART products.


Are you still developing the CW?


Can’t wait to see livery.

I was thinking today… my karts are in italy and im at home with an empty garage no engine nl nothing…
I realized how boring iam. I was sitting in the garage doing nothing. Wierd feeling just shows how big part of my life racing really is

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Still will be working on them on the side and trying to make them better.

Same Livery!


Batteries maintenance this evening , and a cup of coffee.

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Yesterday I did some testing on jetting and finally hit the track after quite some time. Made a ton of progress with jetting the KZ while the 100cc is proven to be a little harder to dial in, but it’ll get there.

Had a ton of fun though! (aside from all the pushing, turns out the 30mm carb on the FSA is super sensitive at startup).

Comparison video between the two below, I still have to come to terms with the 100cc driving style, it’s a weapon


How are you liking the LKE? Any significant differences in jetting vs. the TM?

Also :flushed:

You guys seem to be running out of track there…

Next frame both of you on top of each other in those barriers.

Ahahah that was a little hairy! I wasn’t trying to race just comparing outputs as I was testing different setups, glad I left a ton of space by staying low, it’s a banked turn so perfectly safe on either line…he made it out ok, I think he simply went super late on the brakes for an outside lunge, no way he didn’t see me.

Anyways that was an unrestricted Iame 175…as you can see the LKE is not short on power, it’s a beast of an engine. Jetting-wise it’s pretty similar to the TM, with some minor quirks. In general, this one likes more fuel across the entire band, which is a very good sign.


Hey guys, new guy question right quick. Does this fuel reservoir look ok to you? The kart didnt have one initially, but it looks like the local track requires it. I’ve heard talk about it needing a filter, but it just doesnt seem right. I feel like i need better clarification.

I’m hoping to start hitting the track after the holidays!


Can you provide more details here? That would be an interesting tire to run in Autocross…

What is it about these kart tires that require such high psi? I’m /whooshing here.

I think you may appreciate my Official Kart Transport Vehicle (I don’t have kids).